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  1. This is why I was thinking of the nanoKernel. Apple had a solution for running older cooperative code along side preemptive memory-protected code (I don't understand the details of how they did that but my understanding is that the nanoKernel was the key that made that happen.) Rather than using the host OS to do the program-to-program communication, reproduce the parts (nanoKernel?) that Apple made to do that and keep it inside the emulation environment. Is that a reasonable idea? Yes, it is! I think there is a community-wide yearning for a smaller simpler system that's both performant on a range of hardware AND doesn't corral us in to Walled Gardens !! 6 months ago I was doing some research into SK8 (Hypercard on steroids) and I was BLOWN AWAY on how FAST emulating MacOS 7.6.1 on 68K was !!! It blew my mind! The ONLY reason I'm not primarily running classic MacOS today is that the emulators are not reliable. This "dream" is certainly the core of my earlier post! Perhaps diverging off topic but maybe "the dream" needs to be defined. 1) A reliable emulator for running existing software (The M.A.C.E. project is VERY exciting! I'm actually considering using Hypercard for REAL projects again once it is up and running 2) Independent Mac OS 7/9 operating system. capable of running original software (FULL compatibility not required). NanoKernel included to provide a preemptive, memory protected space for "new" community created applications. 3) Poor man's Copland. Simplified versions of "some" of the Copland features. Document-Centric computing would be my #1 vote! OpenDoc compatibility NOT required. Like I said, it's the "dream". What do you guys think? Does it match your thoughts? j
  2. Reading your update on the work you are doing with Performance improvements and SystemTask, it looks like you have just added a threading model to the Toolbox! I can’t help but think of the nanokernel (in 8.6 and later) rewritten in C and patched together with M.A.C.E. Is this one of your goals!?! Are you working toward preemptively multitasking and memory protection via the nanokernel for M.A.C.E. ? Would it even be possible? The thought of a community-driven "Copland-like" system (even if it is minimal) is VERY alluring !!! Obviously a kernel does not make a system but still.... very alluring J
  3. Builder1

    Very quiet sound on SE/30

    I JUST bought some SE/30 recap kits from Console5. I wanted two tantalum kits but he only had one. I emailed him Saturday morning, he responded immediately and had them restocked the next day ! Fabulous service! You can find the SE/30 kits here: https://console5.com/store/cap-kits/computer-cap-kits/mac-68k-cap-kits/se-30.html Tantalum and Electrolytic available. J