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  1. WaitNextEvent

    PowerBook 150 hard drive can't startup

    Inspired by this video, I opened up the drive and wedged in a piece of plastic to prevent the arm from moving far enough to get stuck. Now it works!
  2. WaitNextEvent

    PowerBook 150 hard drive can't startup

    Pretty cool! I guess there's no hope for the existing Quantum GoDrive?
  3. After I press the power button, the hard drive tries to startup twice, but it just makes a bad sound (see attached) and doesn't seem to start, ultimately ending up with the question-mark disk icon. Is there anything that can be done to try to get the drive to work? The data is not important, but it would be cool to get working again. The drive is a Quantum GoDrive Daytona IDE, so I figure it might just be this problem as described by techknight. Thanks! PowerBook 150.m4a