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  1. Newton WIFI?

    I have a MessagePad 120 with Newton OS 1.3
  2. Newton WIFI?

    I was wondering if any wifi (or ethernet) PCMCIA card will work with the Newton.
  3. Macintosh Internet browser?

    I'm using HFVExplorer and WinImage. But I have a MBP if there's any mac programs for formatting/writing/reading in Macintosh format
  4. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    Would this work with a 68k Macintosh? I know it says IDE to CF, but it doesn't have that one hole out like usual ide connectors
  5. I got an Apple IIGS recently without the disk drive (so I just need to get that and an os disk) and I was wondering if an Apple IIGS can run classic Apple II games (Apple II, Apple II Plus, Apple IIc, etc.) because I know it runs a different os
  6. Macintosh Internet browser?

  7. Macintosh Internet browser?

    Do you have that in another file type? My mac disk writer doesn't accept that size
  8. Macintosh Internet browser?

    I got an SE/30 a little bit ago and got an ethernet pocket SCSI connector with it. I'm pretty sure I got it working but I need an internet browser. Does anyone have one? I'm running System 7.0.1
  9. Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    Would it be better to open the origional battery and replace it in there?
  10. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    Looks like it might be that whole area of capacitors because I found these 2 corroded things (image). Might need to get someone to recap all of those and get new replacements for the corroded parts
  11. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    Could these 2 be part of the issue?They were the only ones that looked kinda off and there was a weird smell coming from that area
  12. Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    I found one (here) idk how to connect it to the connectors though.
  13. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    Where do you find them though? It's super weird that they're so rare, most stuff like this wouldn't be (at least I would think)
  14. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    I've been looking for CF to SCSI adapters because I already have some CF cards and I fell like they would be cheap, but I can't find any
  15. Macintosh Classic horizontal line

    Same here, I'll have 2 working, well, 1 because the SE/30 won't have a good hard drive and SCSI2SDs are super expensive for me.