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  1. Retro Rider

    HDI-20 Repair?

    I was trying to lift the board to get a better view than one of the ribbon cables to the motor broke when I was trying to remove it.
  2. Retro Rider

    HDI-20 Repair?

    Update: broke my farging hdi-20
  3. Retro Rider

    HDI-20 Repair?

    I've got a Powerbook Duo 2300c that has a dead hard drive. I want to restore this since this is kinda easy to repair, especially since it uses 2.5 IDE instead of 2.5 SCSI, so I can just put in a cheap 2.5 IDE to CF converter and install MacOS and these Powerbook Duos are quite rare. The only problem is the floppy drive. I have an HDI-20 floppy drive, and I have an Emachines dock (which has an HDI-20 port) and a micro dock. However, I've only tried it once on the emachines dock. It said it couldn't read the disk (even though there was no disk in there) and when I pressed eject, it popped and the computer turned off (it was plugged into the wall) and I haven't tried it since. I haven't been able to try it with the micro dock because one of the metal leg things is broken and it doesn't seem to want to go in. It could be that the drive needs to be lubricated, or I may need to repair one of the docks. Can anyone help me? Also, can someone show me how to lubricate the HDI-20 drive, just want to get it out of the way. Also, can you use Petroleum Jelly/vaseline to lubricate floppy drives? I read somewhere that it works really good in a pinch.
  4. Retro Rider

    ADC to DVI adapter Power supply?

    I have an ADC to DVI adapter that I think is broken. It seems to cut out and glitch at random times, and the USB works (at first), then it seems to die. I've done some reading, and I saw an ifixit post where they say that every 2 years the power supplies die (post). I'm pretty sure its the adapter because I've tried it with different Studio displays and it seems to do the same thing. I was wondering if anyone knows if the power supply or something else is to blame and how to fix it. Also, how do you disassemble the adapter?
  5. Retro Rider

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    It's for apple ii emulators. It's basically like a .img (or .vdi on how you look at it) for apple ii, kinda
  6. Retro Rider

    iBook Clamshell White Screen

    I actually got a indigo one, so I'll probably PM you later.
  7. Retro Rider

    iBook Clamshell White Screen

    update: I'm in the machine rn, had the machine on while unplugging and plugging back in the video connector, it still showed a white screen, nothing else. I have a video here (please excuse the really bad camera work, was filming on mobile, and trying to unplug)
  8. Retro Rider

    iBook Clamshell White Screen

    I'm about to disassemble it (please please wish me luck) I'm making the screw organizer right now. I'll check out the video cable, as that's what a lot of other resources (that are available) online say.
  9. Retro Rider

    iBook Clamshell White Screen

    I have a couple of things that might be wrong. The graphics card may need to be blow dried, it might be a fuse on the display, it might be the cable. Anyways, is there a cheap replacement screen I can get online?
  10. Retro Rider

    iBook Clamshell White Screen

    would you need to completely replace the video cable, or just reseat it?
  11. Retro Rider

    Need to get my floppy drive out

    If you just need to fix the floppy drive? Then, no. You just need to remove the logic board (here's a video, it starts where he's removing the logic board) then just unscrew the screws on the bottom of the floppy drive cage (see picture) then you just remove it. I really recommend checking out this page because it tells you how to clean the floppy drive for the Mac Plus. Also, be careful with the screws that hold the cage and the drive together. they can be very hard to unscrew
  12. Retro Rider

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    I think I just figured it out! I just made a GS/OS boot disk!! So, I put the files onto a flash drive and then put the flash drive onto my Rev. B iMac G3 (which runs Mac OS 9.2) then put those files onto a floppy disk (via a USB floppy drive) then transfer it to a older machine, one with a floppy drive and that can format to Prodos disk (I used a Power Mac 4400/200). Then, on the older computer, you get another 1.44 floppy (preferably one you don't need) and put tape over the hole on the right side of the disk and insert it, it'll ask you if you'll wanna format it to ProDOS version. Then take the first floppy and copy the files from the first floppy and put it onto the second. That should be it!
  13. Retro Rider

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    My MacBook Pro was out, and I couldn't get it, so I had to use some random Windows laptop. I think I used my MacBook when I got it back. I couldn't have used the programs because the VM which I had them on is on my MacBook, and I think that the file format won't be able to write with the programs I have. I could probably use one of my early Mac OS 10 machines or maybe my iMac G3 Rev. B and transfer it via a USB stick, then transfer it to a floppy drive, then transfer that to an older mac to use disk copy.
  14. Retro Rider

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    Hey, just here because I'm having kinda the same problem, I don't know how to write an IIGS disk, because I really want to use GS/OS. I've heard that I should get an image and put it through Disk Copy, but for some reason, the computer I was doing it on was being fussy and didn't want to put the image on the hard drive (I put it on a floppy disk from a pc, so I might've done something wrong) nor did it want to even load it into Disk Copy, It would just spit out the disk and ask me to insert it, but when I did, it would do that same thing, and I would eventually have to force shut down (unplug it). I might try it on another computer, but I'm too lazy rn. I've been told that I should load an Apple IIGS emulator and do something with that, maybe it'll read the floppy drive and I can just copy the sys folder onto it I don't know. But, if it wouldn't work with disk copy, I don't feel like going through all that effort of having to put files onto a floppy, or maybe a cd and transfer it if it's not gonna work. Maybe if I get an IIGS CF hard drive expansion, it'll work but those are quite expensive for me. Tell me what happens and what you did.
  15. Retro Rider

    How to repair leg of Apple Keyboard II?

    Hmm, after doing research (watching 2 videos), I feel like might Plastaid will stick to it well, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to move the leg. I found a video where some guy tests different epoxies with plastic, but I think that I wouldn't be able to move the leg with those. I think I remember someone suggesting a glue (maybe plumber's glue?) but I can't find where they said that, so I'm not sure which type they suggested.