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  1. Goodnight

    Mac Classic won't boot - damaged circuit?

    Yes I've already purchased the requisite caps, and practiced my soldering skills on a dud circuit board. But because my soldering skills are not strong, I figured I'd try to boot naturally first. However, if that is a dead circuit track that I've pointed out, then my soldering skills will probably not be enough.
  2. Hi all I'm new to the forum but not, of course, new to loving classic Macs. I've bought a Mac Classic that has been sitting in a cupboard for many years unused. However, it doesn't boot. I'm attaching a picture of the boot screen. The logic board seems to be in good condition (I've replaced the PRAM battery and washed the board with isopropyl alcohol). However, there's one particular connection on the board that worries me - see the attached pics. What do you think? Is the board toast? I'd be very grateful for any help! Cheers CG