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  1. !Beaker

    Compact Mac Repair Guide

    Awesome. - Thanks much!
  2. !Beaker

    THINK C app skeleton

    Hey ants, Thanks for your reading my message and dropping your reply! Finally I have the skeleton out of "Programming for System 7" running on THINK C 6.0.1 . A couple of patches were required and I was forced to comment-out or amend some elements as things obviously changed from THINK C version 4. I'll look into the 32-bit addressing right now.
  3. !Beaker

    Compact Mac Repair Guide

    Uoops, I got a 404 - Not Found Darn, as I need to start some work on the analog board. Could someone help please?
  4. !Beaker

    Help me set up Open Transport on my SE/30

    Solved it last night: [1] Cleaned contacts of the network socket (yeah, collected dirt of more than 2 decades) and checked fuse status (was OK) [2] Didn't connect directly with the Gbits Router, but put a 10/100 MBits switch in-between. [3] Link Integrety LED seems to be dead and led to incorrect assumptions. After reinstalling System 7 network services, I was surprised to be asked for an AppleShare password. - Can't be, as the LED didn't even light-up. But that was a wrong assumption as I could select AppleShares in the Chooser. Long story short: Don't give-up too early and simply even question a status LED. Now I intent to meter, if the LED get supplied with a voltage from the board. In case of a dead LED, I'll solder a replacement in.
  5. !Beaker

    SE/30 networking almost working, help

    I noticed that iCab needs a certain amount of RAM. Same behavior as mentioned by hunter44102, I've seen on a small Performa with just a few Megs of RAM installed. In addition, web sites became quite large, I'd suggest opening a slim site to prevent the system from freezing.
  6. !Beaker

    Help me set up Open Transport on my SE/30

    Hey there, I've got a similar problem with an Asanté network card in slot 'B' of my SE/30. Out of curiosity: Did you finally solve the network issue? BTW: On the same machine a Dyna SCSI Ethernet adapter works just great. Now I consider testing OpenTransport, but there is also a chance that the network card is simply bricked. : | Let's see. - So did you finally succeed?
  7. Dear 68k aficionados, Could someone please help me with a C app skeleton in THINK C format? I am trying to compile the skeleton.π from Garry Little/Tim Swihart "Programming for System 7" w/o success. My THINK C 6.0.1. throws the unknown error -5000. I do remember back in those CompuServe days Apple System 7 skeleton apps were almost all over the place. Would be great if someone has a skeleton app and could share the bytes. J Best, -Pit