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  1. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    Hah funny story... While using it and installing TenFourFox, Classic mode, and Quake III the CRT suddenly shut down and wouldn't come back. I had almost given up hope for it, as it was just $15, when I thought "old computers could pretty easily be fixed by a big whack on the side". And what do ya know, it worked! Coughed back to life after a pretty sizeable whack on the side. Lol!
  2. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    1.25ghz. Guess it can't run OS 9
  3. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    Ah nevermind... For some reason it wouldn't take my 10.2 disc. Upgraded to 1gb of ram and replaced the battery. Putting 10.4 on it
  4. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    Only one issue... It refuses to boot from CD, even though it can read them just fine.
  5. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    So much for trying to make space.... But for $15 I couldn't pass it up.
  6. yeah... i actually noticed that too.. let me check the backend real quick; I did a domain change recently and I think it broke. Edit: phew... databases aren't working. Time to fix that, a lot of my sites just broke lol.
  7. Feel free to check out http://nocss.techedison.net I did a similar thing.
  8. TechEdison

    Info needed

    Yeah I sorta gave up when it got super behind and never got finished... I completed my project, the midway report mentioned that my blog was down even though it was not. Messaged multiple times and nothing happened. at least i finished the site... http://nocss.techedison.net/
  9. TechEdison

    John's Classic Restoration Thread

    Awesome! Glad to see it fully restored.
  10. Congrats! Glad you took another closer look at it. The line in the middle is indeed normal. It is the split point between the top and bottom half. Like I said above, the passive matrix displays are split in 2 to help with rendering.
  11. These two spots jump out at me.
  12. TechEdison

    SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

    In total: missing components, cap goo, no ram. And of course, broken crt. It was obviously from that case. Salvaged parts off the corroded one and gave it a good wash. Haven’t tested inputs yet. The floppy drive didn’t work so I’ll have to tear into it and clean it.
  13. TechEdison

    SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

  14. TechEdison

    SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

    That was after washing the board. It worked for a couple minutes and then failed again and is doing what it did before. When it was working though, it chimed and everything. Even the sad Mac without rom or ram.
  15. TechEdison

    SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

    SUCCESS!!! Well sort of... it has gone back to the state it was before, but it did work for a short few minutes!!