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  1. CC_333

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    This is a very nice find! If you need any parts, let me know, as I have a spare IIx board which most likely doesn't work, but may nevertheless be useful to you if you need extra chips or anything, plus a PSU in case yours don't work. c
  2. CC_333

    CC's Latest...

    2 years almost to the day since my last post here! I finally have something that might be worth mentioning here: a free Dell UltraSharp 2007WFPB I rescued from a dumpster at the local transfer station. It's intact, with no apparent cracks or breaks in the LCD (some hefty scratches, though), but it won't power on. I suspect it's due to bad caps in the power supply, but before I spend $12 on the thing, I want to know for certain if that will fix it. Otherwise, I'll put it back where I got it (except the stand, as I have another display that could use it if this one's permanently shot). c
  3. CC_333

    Cheaper/alternative solution than scsi2sd?

    Yeah, eBay is probably (in my opinion, at least) the worst place to price check things nowadays, as the prices seem to often be quite overinflated there, at least for more desirable items. That, of course, doesn't mean good deals can't be found. One just has to be careful and patient, lest they pay too much. c
  4. CC_333

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Probably *sigh* I don't know. I guess you could try PMing the admins? c
  5. CC_333

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    No. This is a known issue with the forum software (something about the email server's spam filter not being tuned properly or something). The admins are aware of the problem and are slowly working on a fix. c
  6. CC_333

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    That's a fantastic idea! This could, in time, allow for clones of the Turbo040 to be developed, yes? c
  7. CC_333

    Mac SE/30 parts

    I have one, but it's from an SE. Hope that's OK? PM me if interested. c
  8. CC_333

    La Porta's Finds

    Nice find! You probably want to look at recapping the analog board and checking the opto isolator, as they seem to be made out of cheap junk on these models (relative to the SE, anyway; those seem to last almost forever!) If you leave it on and let it warm up, will it begin to wake up and boot? If so, the A/B definitely needs work. And the LB, of course. It looks lightly corroded, but nothing a good scrub won't fix. c
  9. CC_333

    Very perplexing SE/30 MB ADB issue

    Well, the implementation of ADB in the IIgs, on a hardware level, is probably quite different from any implementation on the Mac, so he is probably telling the truth when he says he doesn't know, at least with regard to the Mac, as I'm pretty sure he had virtually nothing to do with Mac development (especially in 1985-1986, when the IIgs was being designed), except for maybe the earliest stages when it was nothing more than a prototype peripheral card running in an Apple II , and even then only marginally so. At any rate, Bolle's advice makes sense. c
  10. CC_333

    GOTEK Floppy Emulators in Classic Macs?

    Wow, I'm sure out of date-- these GOTEK floppy emulators are neat looking! Once I've saved up some money in my vintage computing fund, I ought to get one! c
  11. CC_333

    Jessenator's conquests

    I have a PowerBase, and it has a daughter card?? Was this a different PowerBase variant that I don't know about??? What's this???? c
  12. That's Photoshop at its best right there! c
  13. CC_333

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    You're welcome! c
  14. CC_333

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    The keyboards are interchangeable between all 500 series PowerBooks. c
  15. Is this real?? Why would anything like this exist??!! c