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  1. SE/30 Simasimac persists after recap

    I once posed that same question, and while it may theoretically be possible, the pinouts are likely different, and you risk blowing up the Classic II's power supply, the SE/30 board, or both if you don't rig up some sort of adapter. Probably best to try another SE/30 power supply (one from a plain SE should work too, as they're the same part). c
  2. I just got a second one for $72 to match the one I got last year for $65, so I concur with your assessment of what people are willing to pay (there were numerous options around $60-$80; I chose this one because the seller was including the power brick.) Speaking of which, I guess I'll have to be mindful of the inevitable power brick failures. That won't stop me from using them, though, and they look really nice (I like how well they match, too; I was using my first A1082 and an Acer display, and while it worked, it just felt kludgy). I'd rather not have payed quite as much as I did, but even $177 ($65+$72+$40 for a power brick, as my first display didn't come with one) is a far cry from the price they originally sold for ($2000!!) c
  3. PC Cards for Powerbooks

    Looks like maybe 10.2.3, but not sure (that version came on USB 2.0 iMac G4s). c
  4. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    This is a really neat project! This is for way down the road, but you might consider also implementing this as a control panel (or maybe implement the menu and extra stuff as an extension and have it read a preference file created and modified by the control panel, or maybe just a simple application even), so users can change some more advanced settings and stuff, like the Airport software in OS 9 does, and also maybe do stuff like punch in passwords (this will be used with a modern WiFi adapter, so why not? It ought to support WPA2 and such). With some work, this could be a complete re-implementation of (and an extension to, that could be implemented in later SSWs) the UI in OS 9 and early OS X. So, this will run on any version of System 7, pretty much? Have you tried it in 8.0/8.1? c
  5. 30" Apple Cinema Display

    @Gorgonops Should you decide to sell it, how much would you ask? I *might* be interested, as I've always wanted one since I knew of their existence (2009 or so, when I saw one in an acquaintance's house I was visiting). I remember marveling at how expensive they were ($1100!), and I'm amazed by how cheap they've become, relatively speaking. Be that as it may, I have two 20" Cinemas (one bought new Feb 2009, the other used a few years later), and they're both perfect to this day. Likewise for the 23" I got recently (it needed some trickery to get it to recognize the PSU, but it's fine otherwise). c
  6. Yes. Fat12, which dates back to about 1980 or so and is a predecessor to Fat32, is still in common use today with floppy disks! And, what's more, I think Windows 10 still supports them! At least the USB kind. c
  7. What Is This?

    Well, I sure dropped this one! I *never* got around to testing it, and it's been floating around in my closet for the last five years or so. Last week, joethezombie contacted me, asking what the little doughnut-shaped thing is next to U12 (some sort of simple ferrite core, I think), and this has gotten me interested in it again, but guess what? I packed my IIfx! *sigh* At least it has a video card now (and a network card ). I'll get to this eventually! c
  8. I had this problem for awhile when I was upgrading to Snow Leopard in 2009 (feels like ages ago!), because at the time, I still had some HFS stuff floating around, and I wanted to be able use it. I could read, but not write (SL was the first OS X to drop write support for HFS). Fortunately, everything since 8.1 supports HFS+, so I've simply used that for everything, and when I want to play with HFS, I either do it in an emulator (such as Mini vMac) or go to an older real Mac that can write to it (such as one of my many PowerBooks). The way things are going, I figure it won't be long before HFS+ becomes read-only (by then, HFS will probably be dropped altogether). I will be sad when that time comes. 21 years for a filesystem which is compatible with virtually every Mac made from 1991 (68040) to present day (Intel) is quite impressive. At least for Apple, which seems to have a distinct disdain for backwards-compatibility. c
  9. The 1400 cage and the Rev. C cage look quite similar in terms of construction, and I bet the electronics are more or less compatible (one would need to figure out how to adapt the 1400 cage to the 500's PDS, however). But a more important question: is the 1400 cage CardBus compatible? c
  10. M1296 12" Macintosh RGB monitor warning

    Wow! I have two of these things, and this has probably happened to them by now (last time I tried, one of them worked (I got another more recently, and that one hasn't been tested yet)). c
  11. PowerBook 550c

    Wow! That's like the holy grail of the PowerBook 500 series there! Great find!! I think it actually looks nicer than the normal ones. Now I want one too c
  12. Vince's Conquests

    Ahh, the venerable audio cassette! I used to really like them (still do, but I've gotten lazy; all our cars (except the newest) have working players for when I'm ready, though), but they do definitely have their flaws. One thing I hate is when the little pressure pad falls off (the little felt pad on a leaf spring that pushes the tape into the head). The tape doesn't sound great anyway, but when that pad falls off, the tape ends up sounding horrible. CDs don't do this I actually got into collecting 8-Tracks awhile back (if anyone here knows what those are, good for you!). I even have an 8-track recorder (it's an odd beast, too; it looks kinda like a very early cassette deck as far as looks go). Not sure it works though, as I've never had an opportunity to test it. c
  13. Recently Acquired Items

    I have one if you want it. There's a chunk missing from the front bezel (top right corner), but it's otherwise sound, and it would let you assemble what you have. You might have to bring your own chassis, though; mine has some fairly bad rust, if I remember correctly. I don't have an HD20SC manual, but I do have a manual-less HD20 A trade, maybe --> the HD 20 manual for the Plus case. PM if interested. c
  14. Marathon Computer iRack DV

    I think people would use those for the high end Pro Tools TDM and other DSP-accelerated systems. That being said, I don't know what sort of DAW would run on an iMac? It seems to me that these iRacks filled that little niche that the much later Mac Mini was eventually built for-- small computers that could be rack mounted within 1U of rack space and/or be relatively portable (the Mini can also fit within 1U with it's lid removed, I think). c
  15. Marathon Computer iRack DV

    Now I want a piece of the action! I've heard of these. Also heard of the project where someone gutted a Mac II (gasp!) and put the innards of a tray loader in it. Interesting stuff one can do with an iMac's logic board once the CRT dies. c