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  1. CC_333

    PowerBook 550c

    Maybe you were aware of this, and I'm not sure if it's needed, but did you try booting it with a PRAM battery? Some Macs won't boot properly without one. c
  2. CC_333

    PowerBook 550c

    Well, you get priority, then c
  3. CC_333

    PowerBook 550c

    You wouldn't be willing to sell me the nameplate from the broken CCII, would you? I've upgraded mine with a 550 board, which effectively makes it a CCII, but it's still got a CC nameplate. c
  4. I *think* a IIcx/ci PSU is electrically compatible? The IIsi is quite unique, so most parts form other machines (aside from disk drives, cables, and other such things) won't work without some effort. c
  5. CC_333

    StyleWriter I - no ink on paper

    Clogged nozzle maybe? c
  6. CC_333

    Imac G3 600

    The GPU in the iMacs is non-upgradeable. Are you sure yours has 32 MB VRAM? The Summer 2001 iMac G3 (which is what you have, I believe) has an AGP2x ATI Rage 128 Ultra with 16 MB of VRAM. The first gen iMac G4 had 32 MB VRAM, though. Maybe you're confusing the two? As for RAM and HDD, they *can* be upgraded: Max RAM for these is 1 GB and max HDD is 128 GB. Regarding SSDs, whatever applies to other G3s and G4s (including the earlier iMac G3s) pretty much applies to this iMac. I hope this helps somewhat... c
  7. Tell me about it! Where in CA are you? c
  8. Those Tangos are very nice cards. In particular, I recently found the newest iteration (finally!), which combines Firewire 800 and USB 3.0, so it's perfect for a modern-ish computer that's lacking USB 3 ports *and* has a need for a few Firewire ones (still useful for the bulk of older audio equipment out there, which is mostly Firewire-based). I actually have one of these! I never realized it'd work on a Mac (figured it was PC-exclusive), so I've left it in it's box, wherever it is... It's definitely an interesting device. It looks like some kind of PCMCIA bridge board with networking-specific bits embedded. I wonder if it could work with a card other than the preinstalled Aironet 350? Such as, say, USB or SCSI? c
  9. I had one like that, where no matter *how* many times I soldered, desoldered and resoldered those blasted connectors, it would still behave the same way (intermittent video until tapped on the side). I think I eventually gave up and got another analog board that didn't have the problem (it's been ~8 years since I did this, so I don't remember much of it anymore). Maybe start checking places other than that connector? There are numerous other solder joints that, when cracked, can manifest this way. c
  10. CC_333

    Stereo Mod for Color Classic

    Hmm, I *think* this can sometimes happen if an amp isn't biased correctly? Or so says a vague, 16 year old memory. c
  11. CC_333

    Millenium bug after 20 years?

    The General control panel? Any version of System 6 or 7, of course!! !! As for whatever other CP(s) is (are) being discussed here, not a clue... c
  12. CC_333

    Power Mac 5500 picture problem

    Got my Apple Cinema Display in February of 2009, and it's doing well. I've run it at full brightness during most of the last 9 years, though, which musn't have helped it. As for my various computer CRTs, I use them seldom enough that operating them at full brightness when I do use them probably won't do much harm. My 27" TV, however, I use at somewhere between half and two-thirds brightness, because the colors bleed like mad when it's at full (probably due to wear and tear, as I vaguely remember reading somewhere that when that happens, the CRT is probably at best half-way through its service life). We did buy it new in 2005, so it's +/- 13 years old. That probably explains it. c
  13. CC_333

    Help for Power Mac G3 tower

    And *ideally*, you want to have a partition that is =< 8 GB located at the beginning of the drive, or else you may have problems booting (for OS 8.x/9.x, this is somewhat less important, but it's a must if you want to run early OS X on it). c
  14. CC_333

    Macintosh Classic capacitor types

    I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was because he broke several rules repeatedly, and the admins finally had enough. I guess you could contact any of the admins if you want more details. I'm not sure it's wise to continue discussing it here, so that's all I'll say on the matter. c
  15. CC_333

    SE FDHD board in se (kinda se/30)??

    The SE, SE FDHD (aka SuperDrive) and SE/30 logic boards are all interchangeable, so it should work. The SuperDrive floppy mechanism will work with the SE logic board, but it'll only read/write 800k floppies. The analog board/power supply is also interchangeable. In fact, pretty much everything is. They're all quite similar (aside from the logic board, the differences are mostly cosmetic). c