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  1. CC_333

    Craigslist Mac SE, Mac SE, and Mac Plus

    Very nicely done! Is the one that doesn't work the free Plus for which you need a flyback? c
  2. CC_333

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    I probably have a flyback somewhere, if you'd like? Just pay me for shipping c
  3. CC_333

    E-Machines Big Picture Card w/Mac SE Interconnect

    The 020 accelerator might be nice, except I think I already have one. It's been so long since I've actually had time to look at things that I've pretty much forgotten what it is. c
  4. CC_333

    Rescuing my dad's Classic II, last working in 1996

    Fascinating! It looks somewhat like a rocket taking off. Or a water fountain... If it weren't the result of the thing having been broken, I'd say that it'd make an excellent screensaver! c
  5. CC_333

    Baroni’s Collection

    I'm very envious of that organized mess! My collection is in a heap of half-broken storage bins right now c
  6. @jessenatorHmm, interesting. In my experience, with many of these late G3s, the minimum SSW stated by Apple wasn't always true, ie, you could take a Lombard, whise minimum is 8.6, and if the installer is coerced to run, one can run 8.5 on it (I even managed to boot 8.1 on a Lombard once, but USB was broken, so I couldn't type (my Lombard's keyboard was dead at the time (2003-2004), so I used a USB one from my iMac. It was cumbersome, but it worked.) However, it does take some rather in-depth knowledge to get it to work. Anyway, TL;DR is you're probably right, and Huxley should try a restore disk from a later-rev of B&W G3. c
  7. Even so, unless there was a hardware/firmware modification that rendered 8.5.x inoperable, one should be able install it regardless of which machine a particular G3 shipped with. Right? c
  8. CC_333

    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    Hmm, SoftMac, if it's the one I'm thinking, goes back a *loong* time! I think the newest release was sometime around 2004 or 2005? Anyway, if you have a VM with an older version of Windows installed (or the means to set one up), you could probably run SoftMac in there? Other than that, I've read that Basilisk or Mini vMac both work well for this purpose, and those should work on Windows 10, as far as I know (sometimes I wonder if *anything* works on 10 anymore, seeing as virtually every release seems to be riddled with showstopping bugs). c
  9. CC_333

    Baroni’s Collection

    Yeah. That doesn't look to good. At a minimum, those RAM slots should probably be replaced? c
  10. Some of my more interesting finds have come from the dump. For instance, a couple summers ago, I got a decent P4 laptop (Dell Latitude 800, or maybe 810). I think all it needed was a bezel for the top buttons (where the power/volume buttons and indicators are). Then, back in 200...8? I got a decently nice (but *very* dirty!) PC. I took out the innards (which I still have) and built a then-modern machine out of it. This year, I took the same case and put my new Skylake system in it, for old time's sake Anyway, I suppose that technically makes me a thief, but I guess most of us who have dumpster dived are in the same boat, so, oh well? c
  11. CC_333

    Strange SE/30 Card

    Hmm, OK. Virtually all SE/30s I've seen used the power supply with the platinum plug/switch, save for maybe a couple (and those were upgraded SEs), but I'll admit my sample size is somewhat limited compared to others around here. c
  12. CC_333

    Incorrect time on Mac Mini G4

    @Elfen The battery is a CR-2032, which, as you said, is the same one used in most PCs made within at least the last 20 years or so, and as such is extremely common. c
  13. CC_333

    Strange SE/30 Card

    Also, the power switch and socket are black on the SE, and grey/platinum on the SE/30, so that's another way to tell that this particular Mac likely began life as an SE. c
  14. CC_333

    3D-Printed Objects

    Oops! Double post!! c