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  1. If you find that this belt works for you, I think I better get some myself! I have several iMac Slot Loaders and a Cube, and all have this problem to varying degrees. c
  2. How did you install Tiger? It kinda sounds like there's a broken driver or something, as that shouldn't happen. In the meantime, I'm afraid I don't know of any fan control software. c
  3. CC_333

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    This is neat! I have spare 12" lid parts, so maybe I can make up a hi res panel out of those so I can leave the original lid alone. c
  4. CC_333

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    I think ISDN is actually still a thing, isn't it? Kinda like DSL. Technically it's still there, but people have largely forgotten about it because better things came along. c
  5. CC_333

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    Neat! You're quite lucky a simple clean and a recap was all it needed to keep going, as from what I've read, the 840av, in particular, tends to not respond well once the gunk leaches into the vias and under the chips. Once it becomes unresponsive, there's I think a 50/50 chance at best that a recap will bring it back. Anyway, don't let this scare you off; now that it's done, your 840av should be good for a long time. I need to get mine out someday and check to see if it still boots (it probably doesn't, *sigh* ). Last time I tried it, there was some sort of weird stability issue that I think may be the power supply (never confirmed, gotta test). c
  6. Perhaps there's some kind of weirdly-specific fault in the logic board? c
  7. CC_333

    PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

    Have you checked the hard drive ribbon cable? I had a similar problem with a 12" Aluminum PowerBook (except I'd at least get the cursor and flashing question mark), and after tearing down and reassembling it more times than I can count, I *finally* determined that the optical drive's ribbon cable had failed, and it was somehow holding up the IDE controller and preventing it from seeing any drives. Sometimes a hard drive which is mechanically OK (spins up and makes normal noises), but has bad electronics can also cause this problem, I've found. Disconnect the hard drive and see what happens. c
  8. CC_333

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    I think @Cory5412 is probably biased against the TiBook primarily because his experience with it was so negative. c
  9. CC_333

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    Well, now you do! I think, with all the advancements of the last 20 years or so, we tend to take for forget how advanced things were even in the early 80s. It may seem crude, simplistic and quite ho hum by modern standards, but back then, it was a very incredible accomplishment! c
  10. This is a neat modern convenience that I'm glad to see has finally been backported to 68k! If I ever get the opportunity to drag out any of my old Macs again, I'll have to give it a try. c
  11. CC_333

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    @Gorgonops Well, even though the TiBook is a technically better machine than the Pismo, the bad physical design mostly cancels out any advantage the TiBook may have, which I think is the main metric that @Cory5412 is basing his statement on. c
  12. I am all too familiar with this conundrum, as I have at least four or five iMacs G3 and a G4 Cube, *all* with the same problem! The drive is otherwise functional, so a replacement shouldn't be necessary. The problem is that the eject mechanisms on these drives are prone to failure because they are driven by a rubber belt which stretches, hardens and cracks with age, thus causing the slippage which prevents the mechanism from working properly. You could try rejuvenating the belt with some kind of conditioner product, but I think the only permanent fix would be to find a new belt. If you can remove the drive and open it up, the belt is easily accessible on one side, and is relatively straightforward to replace. Finding a replacement, however, will probably not be quite so simple. You could start by typing the manufacturer+model number+belt into Google, I suppose. c
  13. CC_333

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    The LCD panel probably needs to be recapped. As for the upper trackpad button rebooting the computer, no clue. c
  14. CC_333

    Local eBay SE

    I have several, but it would probably be best to send it inside a case whether you want one or not, or else it'll likely break, and I can't think of a better way of packing it. c
  15. CC_333

    Local eBay SE

    I might have a spare case that could be *slightly* better looking. I'll have to check them against your photos. c