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  1. Vince's Conquests

    Hmm, sometimes, OEM Windows installs have the setup files under C:\Windows\Options\Cabs. If there's something there, maybe you can copy it off and use it to reinstall Windows from scratch while keeping the OEM branding? Otherwise, the Add/Remove Programs control panel is your friend.... c
  2. Vince's Conquests

    Well, part of the problem with the bloat is that you've got IE 5.5 installed Anyway, glad to see it's been fixed. What was wrong with it? c
  3. PB145B’s finds

    Excellent! c
  4. Bolles finds

    Yes, it would be neat to set some cards like this up in my IIfx or Q950, then I can record like it's 1992 and have a valid use for my vintage machines while I'm at it! They supplemented this stuff with analog tape a lot back then, given the limitations in hard drive tech at the time, but guess what? I have a 1/2" 16-track! Now, if only I could find a set of these cards that I can actually afford.... c
  5. Bolles finds

    Time Division Multiplex. They're basically DSP cards for processing audio much faster, and of much higher quality, than would be possible using the Mac's CPU. Same concept as Photoshop DSPs that can accelerate some plugins. c
  6. iMac G3 and DVDs

    Technically, no Power Macs can boot via USB (to Mac OS X, at least), but it does work in a limited fashion I think (I haven't tried in many years, so I can't remember). c
  7. It sounds like maybe that card has failed, and it crashes when the drivers are loaded at startup. With the card installed, try booting with extensions off (or anything ATI or NVIDIA related removed from the Extensions folder) and see what happens. c
  8. Need guidance on Classic II repair

    Apparently the optocoupler is prone to failure on this A/B. c
  9. Another Abomination - LC 580 DOS

    Yeah, 640x480 is plenty for pretty much everything. Windows 95 is fine at that resolution too, but it feels quite sluggish on a 486 (I have a relatively high end one that someone gave me, and I've never seen Windows 95 run so slowly! it had a decent (for a 486) 16 MB of RAM, too). c
  10. System Saver - Fanless Compact Mac

    If you made the thing just a little longer and made the grille a bit bigger, you could put an 80mm fan in there fairly easily I think? c
  11. Lost Thead Recovery: database search hacks & finds

    You know, this got me interested in digging stuff up, and I'm not sure if anyone else here knows this (probably, as very little gets past you all ), but I found on the Wayback Machine the 68kMLA forums as they existed shortly before the Great Crash of '07 (I wasn't here when that happened, but apparently much information was irreparably lost). http://web.archive.org/web/20070405111906/http://www.68kmla.net:80/ It seems many (most?) of the threads aren't there, but the front page and subforums exist!! c
  12. Lost Thead Recovery: database search hacks & finds

    I tested the Google method, and managed to find the legendary Custom ROM SIMM Development thread! All pages appear to be intact! c
  13. VACUUM FORMING ACRYLIC: First failed . . .

    Looks like it worked! c
  14. PB145B’s finds

    There are a number of them out there, but isn't the product key I presume you got valid? It should activate without issue, unless it has been pirated. And as for the limitations, I have a copy of Office 2003 S&T that I can activate on a pretty much indefinite number of machines (granted, my license allows for activation on more than one). It has reached a point many times where it won't activate on account of the fact that I've done it too many times, but if I wait a bit (say, a month or two), the timer resets. The first activation mechanisms (as seen on Office XP and, of course, Windows XP) are relatively simple, and are thus full of idiosyncrasies and loopholes. Nevertheless, I have read that if MS decides to take their old activation servers offline, they'd release a patch that effectively activates the software perpetually, essentially rendering the whole activation thing moot. c
  15. PB145B’s finds

    Well, at least it was at a substantial discount. If I'm not mistaken, Office XP Pro sold for well over $100 at retail. c