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  1. At the frozen desktop, try Command-Option-Escape to force quit whatever might be hanging things up. It's not a sure thing, but sometimes I've encountered similar problems, and it was usually something related to the Control Strip that was causing the problem (force quitting that seems to unfreeze it). It may be something else, even Finder (in which case force quitting will effectively relaunch Finder. c
  2. CC_333

    Couldn't help myself...

    Does it have PCI slots? One can get a decent PCI video card and have an okay system for late 90s games and such, couldn't they? c
  3. CC_333

    Anyone have a 12" Monochrome Display?

    I vaguely recall reading about this subject a few months ago, which drew pretty much the same conclusions: pre-SE/30 compacts can't do Grayscale because there's no hardware support, and even if there were (via some sort of hack or something), the software (firmware?) in the ROM only contains the original QuickDraw, which doesn't understand color as we know it on later Macs. Not to mention the fact that the SSW doesn't really support color in any meaningful way until System 6 or 7 (which brings us back to the ROM, because color support within the SSW depends on there being support for the same in ROM). Workarounds exist (the aforementioned ScuzzyGraph, for example), but many (most?) are very suboptimal and highly incompatible with most normal software. Am I understanding this properly? c
  4. CC_333

    Couldn't help myself...

    What does the 3 pin power connector look like? c
  5. CC_333

    Couldn't help myself...

    Any of the Aluminum-clad models fall under this category; most of the plasticy, easel-style ones that I know of are powered via the ADC port. Anyway, I seem to be lucky so far, as I have my 9 year old 20" display whose original PSU is still working like new *knock on some hard, wood-like substance* c
  6. CC_333

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    I hate that. It's not just the cost of old Macs, though; EVERYTHING has skyrocketed in price over the last few years. And with some of the "stuff" going on lately, prices are set to go up even more over the next year or two. c
  7. CC_333

    what causes LCD rot?

    In a pinch, if the old polarizing film is still intact and in *okay* (meaning not great, but usable) condition, could it be reused with new adhesive? Of course, new film is ideal, but I'm curious if the old film, given the proper conditions, is still viable. Also, could it be advantageous to preemptively replace the film on certain at-risk LCDs (in general, those stored in hot, humid environments would seem to be particularly prone to adhesive rot, if I'm interpreting this thread properly) to prevent this kind of thing from occurring in the first place? c
  8. Interesting! even with four processors, I doubt 10.4 would run very well at 200 MHz, though. It's barely tolerable at 400 MHz! A good video card helps mitigate some of this. Someday, maybe Apple can open-source Mac OS 7, 8 or 9, and we can actually improve it ourselves (precedents do exist for this; for example, Apple's MacPaint (or MacDraw?), and Microsoft's file manager from Windows 3.x). c
  9. Can't one get 10.0 or 10.1 to boot on 604's with X Post Factor? I suppose even if one did get it running, those early versions only had rudimentary support for multiprocessing (though more than OS 9, I'd think). By the way, I'm very jealous! c
  10. CC_333

    Someone should get this!

    Those do actually look like they're in okay shape. Time, space and money are in short supply at the moment, but I might be able to make this happen if there's enough interest. To that end, any interested parties can PM me an offer, and we'll go from there. c
  11. CC_333

    FleaBay Find: Duo 230 with DuoDock and a CL SE/30

    I actually have a Duo and dock similar to that (can't recall the model #'s). I'm not sure it works though (a vague memory tells me that the prior owner (BMoW, actually) said it didn't). Not sure I want to keep it or not. Guess it depends on whether it's fixable. c
  12. CC_333

    Cameront9's finds

    Ooo! c
  13. CC_333

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    Ooo! Nice find!! What are you going to do with them? c
  14. CC_333

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    So that's what the window's for! I have a couple drives similar to this one, and they have that window. I've often wondered what they're for. Now I know c
  15. CC_333

    Powerbook 500 with 167MHz PPC603ev

    Neat! It's amazing that even on Mac OS 8.1, the AppleShare icon bears a striking resemblance to the Xserve G4! c