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  1. michelbites

    Mac SE/30 processor question.

    Thank you for your answer guys. I always wondered about this.
  2. michelbites

    Mac SE/30 processor question.

    Someone was telling me that I might be able to upgrade my MC68030RP16B processor to a MC68030RC50 or a MC68030RC40 just by swapping it out. Is this true. Would this do any damage to the board? I would like to hear peoples thoughts. These are the processors that I found that are in the same line as the one in my SE/30. Thanks. http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/68030/Motorola-MC68030RP16%20-%20MC68030RP16B.html
  3. michelbites

    Where to get my Mac SE/30 Recap'ed

    I don't know how to solder at all. I was wondering if there was someone that I could send my Mac SE/30 motherboard too to get it recap'ed and cleaned professionally. Thanks...