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  1. Checker board Screen

    Ram ?
  2. Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    A screen will be very hard to find alone, if it was super cheap, keep it for parts.
  3. Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    No, this is not the one you are looking for ( Powerbook 5XX series) The Powerbook 100 is using a 7.5 Volt 2A PSU ( a Powerbook 140 to 170 PSU will work) don't use anything above these figures. The Powerbook 100 will probably need a lot of work in the logic board side,screen side (caps mainly) and also hard drive.
  4. PB3400 - display is offset

    Weird, can be plastic screen surround not original ? or the screen not fitted properly in the casing ? I had this kind of trouble with a 5300, but the 3400 has only a 12 inches screen for all models.
  5. New Favorite, Mac 512K

    Early cups were black, and the wire itself is different (thinner) never had a problem removing early or late units. Super drive are 1.44 Mb, this and the 800 k won't work unless a new Rom is fitted, the 1.44 won't work anyway.
  6. 512K Case Cracked

    Have not tried yet, but if you can find an ABS of the same colour, you can use a mix of ABS and acetone to repair your casing. https://www.matterhackers.com/news/how-to-make-abs-juice-glue-and-slurry
  7. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    Hi Yes, You can modify a phone cord, one is straight, the other twisted, don't remember which is which.
  8. Macintosh Plus display problem

  9. Classic II strange problem

    Your problem is on the Logic Board side, not Analog one. I will check around the Egret again, maybe a trace is wonky, had a similar issue:
  10. Macintosh Plus display problem

    The Plus is known for having weak solder in the Analog Board side. The flyback transformer can be bad also.
  11. Macintosh Plus Disk Question

    Yes, bootable. What kind of SE have you got ? If you have the 800 k drive, just swap both drives for a test
  12. Macintosh Plus Disk Question

    probably not suitable SSW.. Or your dirve is dirty.
  13. CNY 17 (CNY 75 GB) is working fine, replaced quite a few without issue.
  14. Classic Analog Board repair

    That's a good point, not sure, i made a note for each board with replaced parts, will have a look. Thanks.
  15. Classic Analog Board repair

    I did remove the TDA for testing purposes and voltage was still the same. Voltage at the bridge is ok, and of course ok at the first leg of the resistor. yes i agree with you, the design is straightforward, don't see anything either...