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  1. bibilit

    Mac Classic no boot

    get the board washed at the same time.
  2. bibilit

    Mac Classic no boot

    Yes, like all boards of this era, should be done anyway.
  3. bibilit

    Mac Classic no boot

    yes And the ones on the Logic Board ?
  4. bibilit

    Mac Classic no boot

    Caps or worse battery probably.
  5. bibilit

    Extra confusing Classic checkerboard

    Have you got picture of the pin 6 on the sound chip ? Thanks.
  6. I will say yes, only The Classic range is different IIRC.
  7. I have been dealing with one of this units lately, will only switch-on from time to time. These displays have a separate PSU and are troublesome. In the end, i replaced the PSU with a 24.5 volt having close specs. Working great so far.
  8. Today, any SE/30 must have new caps to work flawlessly, so it's probably the first step to go. Don't think your problem can be related with caps directly, but goo escaping from the capacitor can go everywhere and do strange things.
  9. bibilit

    PowerBook Duo 230 blank screen

    Don't have any experience with the Duos series, but this is the kind of screen you get when capacitors have failed. The Powerbook 100 is displaying this blue hue screen when the capacitors on the back of the screen are bad, can be related to logic boards caps as well.
  10. bibilit

    PowerBook 1400 CD ROM

    Yes a pot is present, done it a couple of years ago on mine, worked fine, but never used the CD-Rom again after that...
  11. bibilit

    Cameront9's finds

    Most of the computers of this era are no longer able to cope with internet anymore, or if they do in a very limited way.
  12. bibilit

    PowerBook 1400 can't do IrDA...right?

    The Powerbook 1400 is using IRtalk, and IIRC this is not compliant with IrDA. Only used Infrared once, but was between the 1400 and a 5300, never used the Newton (and a control panel must be activated anyway) Probably won't work, as both units are not using the same protocol, will work with the 3400 or higher.
  13. bibilit

    Not a "Classic" Checkerboard Issue

    This is a good start: http://maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1990/10/15_Macintosh_Classic_Analog_Board. But by now you can replace also the opto CNY17, both diodes DP3 and DP4 (1N4148) and both capacitors CP4 and CP5
  14. bibilit

    Not a "Classic" Checkerboard Issue

    I agree a 100%, if your Analog Board is not outputting the correct voltages, you will get unstable video AND probably checkerboard issues, even with a good logic board.