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  1. bibilit

    Classic II bad sound.

    IIRC the reset is done through the sound chip
  2. bibilit

    Macintosh Performa PSU wrong voltage

    Dyna comp are not prone to capacitors issues. Low voltages are more a regulation problem. Have a look at the Opto
  3. bibilit

    Mac Classic II (Gen 2) - No CRT?

    Probably not related to a low voltage, your 12 volt rail is too low, but the screen should kick on. With that kind of voltage, you should see a checkerboard pattern or black and white one. Your issue is strange, both the 5 and 12 volt rails are linked together, so adjusting PP1 is a bad idea in general when one voltage is fine (and your 5 volt is ok) because cranking up the 12 volt will also crank up the 5 volt one well above a suitable range. You can have a try anyway for a short test, if the adjustment doesn’t work, your problem is related to one or several known components ( two diodes, the TDA chip or the Opto) I posted a lot on those, still have some issues, those AB are a nightmare.
  4. bibilit

    TAM with white screen

    I found the post i made a couple of years ago when i replaced the screen myself
  5. Keep in mind that some diodes are also worth replacing, two of them are bad almost every time. (DP3 and DP4)
  6. I don’t use the paper ones, the new ones in your post are a better choice.
  7. I have had a lot of RIFA caps failures, most of them in the Apple II series PSUs, but also in the Macintosh 128/52 and Plus units. When they failed, it's a real mess, so i replaced all of them as a matter of fact. Indeed, i have replaced more RIFA filters than electrolytics in the Macintosh Analog Boards.
  8. bibilit

    TAM with white screen

    I will remove all cards from the Logic Board and try again. Can be the screen also or the small board connecting logic board and screen
  9. The PowerBook 150 is using a special set of utilities to format the internal hard drive. IlRC no other utility will work, moreover any that will be supplied with SCSI drives. So was supplied with those tools on floppy disks.
  10. One of my IIsis is overclocked to 25 Mhz using a 50 Mhz oscillator https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/48615-clocking-the-iisi/
  11. bibilit

    No sound, but sound from headphones on Mac 128k

    Can be the speaker going bad, so far i have replaced only one. Can also be the connector, the internal speaker is disabled when external is plugged.
  12. I agree with Bolle, can also be fluid coming from capacitors shorting legs somewhere.
  13. bibilit

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Nice, itunes is an evolution of SoundJam anyway, should have a copy of it in my Powerbook 1400 IIRC.
  14. bibilit

    400k Floppy Drive Lube Repair

    Cleaning and lubricating is a must, doesn't mean there is not another problem in the ejecting motor area.
  15. bibilit

    Powerbook 1400c lid rebuild options

    I will have a try at ABS cement on the underside, pretty solid once done and if you are using the same type of ABS (color, type) it will be more or less invisible. https://www.matterhackers.com/news/how-to-make-abs-juice-glue-and-slurry