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  1. bibilit

    Apple 800K External Drive

    "M" (M0130 / M0131) is for Macintosh "A" (A2M2053...) for Apple II series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_External_Disk_Drive
  2. bibilit

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    Probably not, always been told that memory speaking those two models are not a 100% compatible, memory can work fine in the 190 and not in the 5300.
  3. bibilit

    Is this SE dead or do i repair it ?

    You can have a try, had one like that and managed to clean it and worked fine afterwards. But chances are thin on the ground, i have had many of those "bomb" related boards, only repaired this particular one, rest was dead.
  4. bibilit

    SCSI issue w/ Color Classic

    I have not seen anything obvious in the white connector (internal SCSI side) but a trace can be damaged. point is, the Color Classic is working fine, booting right away from the external port, sound is loud and clear.
  5. bibilit

    SCSI issue w/ Color Classic

    I have made some improvements. To cut a very long story short, i have removed and replaced the SCSI chip (no dice) removed and re flow some chips in the neighborhood... and just after that, the Logic board stopped throwing sad macs. The board in my own working CC, worked, but only as far as the blinking floppy. using its own casing, i hooked a jaz drive in the external port, and i got a happy Mac and a message stating the SSW was not correct (the enabler was not present) So this morning, i hooked a Hard Drive in the same port and with the floppy disks, managed to set a proper install, worked flawlessly, and the CC booted from a hard drive for the first time. My hard drive is too bulky to go inside, and SCSI cable too short for a test, so for the time being, probably only the external port is working, or a SCSI voodoo is present in my own CC.
  6. this kind: https://shop.dremeleurope.com/fr/fr/produits/outils/
  7. IIRC no screws, pretty hard to get inside one of those.
  8. bibilit

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    Nope, IIRC there is no dautherboard in the PB190, parts are included in the Logic board, so no swap here.
  9. bibilit

    Early Mac LC proto?

    The LC is a nice machine, didn't want one in the first place, have a few right now.
  10. bibilit

    Can't put my Plus case back together...

    Put the screen down, will be easier to fit.
  11. bibilit

    Powerbook Tunnel vision fix

    The powerbook was in a wet basement at some point i think, feet were mouldy. Removed the glass from the LCD assembly and tried heating with an hair dryer for a couple of minutes, borders were black in some areas (again confirming the humidity issue), refitting was a bit of trial and error, until picture was fine again (distorted first two times)... i realized some patterns were present to lined up both units together. No improvement so far, tunnel vision is pretty quick to spread, a couple of minutes at best. Will keep it in a dry place for a while to see how things goes. Had another unit not so long ago, with no issue, but LCD was different (not so bright, almost amber in colour... any clue ?)
  12. bibilit

    LCII Death Chimes (Already Recapped)

    I have a board doing the same, never found the issue so far. As you have the chimes immediately (as i do) soldered Ram or Rom can be bad... or anything to be honest.
  13. bibilit

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    Not sure a 100 % but the dautherboard (next the battery) is on the second picture. Capacitors are bulging. If those capacitors are bad, the Powerbook won't be able to boot (when they are really bad, the 5300 will not boot at all or only be able to go to sleep mode) So replace those first if anything else fails. Mine was a 100% worse than yours in corrosion terms, and still able to boot..
  14. bibilit

    Powerbook Tunnel vision fix

    I have collected a nice Powerbook 170, but unfortunately suffering from the infamous tunnel vision issue. Has someone found a fix to the problem ? Heating the panel or using rice to solve this issue was posted at some point.
  15. bibilit

    SCSI issue w/ Color Classic

    Yes, correct, or from the rear connector (external SCSI HD) The Logic Board has the same behaviour in my own CC (with a good HD) Some pictures...