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  1. External hard drive or Zip/ Syquest and a modern macintosh is your better option.
  2. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    This a great
  3. There is 3 or 4 different types of SE/30 Roms (i should have one of each) hard to say from the picture, but brobably standard unit.
  4. 4116 memory For Apple II

    Hi, thanks. ordered a set in the US, cannot find easily in Europe. The Apple II mostly works, moving chips from one bank to another improved thinks, but not a 100 %. Any link to a memory tester i can use ?
  5. Is there a way to test memory chips in an Apple II Europlus ? I have probably several bad, where i can get replacement units ?
  6. Apple IIe without disk drive

    Tested this afternoon, works great. borrowed the Iphone of my son, mine not having the right connector anymore, and the biggest challenge was finding the lost headphone cable. Cranking the volume and playing the Lofi file instead of the Hifi one worked for me, the progress bar helped a lot to see what was going on.
  7. SE/30: Bank A or Bank B for only 4 SIMMs?

    I tried not so long ago and didn't worked (simasimac) there is somewhere a chart with all configurations up to 128 Mb
  8. SE/30: Bank A or Bank B for only 4 SIMMs?

    Well, 16 Mb modules were not available when the chart was supplied, and some modules won't work anyway (2 Mb modules won't work in the SE/30)
  9. SE/30: Bank A or Bank B for only 4 SIMMs?

    Yes, i agree, won't work without something on Bank B
  10. Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    You can use this one as a replacement https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-4-5Ah-Sealed-Lead-Battery/dp/B000PHD6DG Will fit in the original enclosure with a bit of work...or not, apparently two suppliers made the casing for the original battery, and one is thicker than the other one. You should keep the two gold plated units of course.
  11. Apple IIgs monitor cable

    ok, thanks.
  12. Is the cable for the IIgs monitor special ? or can any Macintosh one work ?
  13. Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    I love it as well. this is one of the themes (drawing Board) included in the "Copland" SSW and never released. https://www.macintoshrepository.org/2549-mac-os-8-9-themes
  14. Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    I have made some tests yesterday, connected to my powerbook 3400. Using one of those Portable cell power banks got me online right away. Many sites are not able to cope with old browsers, but i was able to surf a bit and even download some files. i have modified this morning the card to accept a Molex plug, so almost ready for the SE/30.
  15. Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Can't wait to see the final extension up and running, great job.