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  1. Bad trace or maybe the Egret chip, don’t know if is present in Mac TV but was in many other LBs. Will prevent an overall good board from booting
  2. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    This is due to bad ram chips probably one or more chips imho. Piggybacking new ones can help
  3. bibilit

    Broken Powercd Repair

    Have a look at my post, maybe same problem.
  4. bibilit

    Macintosh Classic - low beep with garbled screen

    Probably some display, not blank in my opinion.
  5. I agree with Byrd, caps on the DC board are bulged, a common issue on the 5300, will prevent the 5300 from booting or do any strange things. My own 5300, and 1400 IIRC will boot as soon as the PS is plugged in, when not used for a while, think is related with the PRAM battery being dead on both machine.
  6. bibilit

    Macintosh Classic - low beep with garbled screen

    For sure the board cannot boot without the Rom, as most of the boot procedure is connected to. Probably not without the rtc, but never tested myself. Not sure what you are talking about in your last question, but i think you are talking about the connector used for testing purposes at the factory.
  7. bibilit

    Early Mac LC proto?

    The sound coming from the speakers is related to capacitors problem.
  8. bibilit

    Quantum Viking 42S493 SCSI drive "unsupported"?

    At some point the Apple utility was only able to support some brands and units, try again with another utility (Lido for instance)
  9. bibilit

    Early Mac LC proto?

    I have the same Logic Board, with those stickers, reset switch and big capacitor. Of course the casing has not the orange sticker and mine has the model name.
  10. Never worked on those before but without having a look at the inside, it will be hard to troubleshoot. Capacitors can be an issue (i have seen many leakers before)
  11. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    Yes. The 7905 is the negative regulator. What about the remaining rails ?
  12. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    I will run a multimeter, with no power connected, and see if a capacitor is not shorted. You have got two just below the psu connector and one above. Also a transistor nearby. Use the continuity test.
  13. bibilit

    SE/30 repair (and a little problem).

    All tubes are the same, and can be exchanged, from early ones to last units. The only difference is the ring and electrical side, but can easily swapped from one to another.
  14. bibilit

    Classic II weird issues after analogue board recap

    All other caps are 1200 or 2200 µf / 16 v the main ones actually Two are 470 µf / 16 v. http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1990/10/15_Macintosh_Classic_Analog_Board.html A lot of issues with the Optoisolator/Optocoupler