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  1. Probably a short in the 5 volt rail.
  2. bibilit

    Apple II Clone

    Found for cheap, Apple II Plus clone. After some work done on the Psu side and Logic board, working just fine. No brand or marking, probably an asian clone. Psu was pretty bad, the rest is ok, the keyboard is pretty complete. Anyone interested in displaying his own clone ? so many should have been made at a time and very few pictures online.
  3. bibilit

    Trackpad Clamshell not working

    Probably the better solution will be to replace the unit.
  4. bibilit

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

    Yes, pretty easy to do, not a big deal, just use a non conductive tool (i use Chinese Chopsticks to do so)
  5. Found this card in my stuff. According to the information found online, the card was able to drive a Hard Drive for the Apple IIe and Apple III series. But probably only the hard drives from Corvus Systems. If anyone has a bit more information...
  6. bibilit

    SE/30 video redraw problem

    Tubes are the same.
  7. bibilit

    Recap PowerBook 100

    Pretty easy to work on those. IIRC just a couple of screws in the bottom.
  8. has the card been recapped ? notorious for having bad caps and leaky ones. Near the main connector, so can do strange things.
  9. bibilit

    SCSI Zip drive

    Yes, 1 Gb disks are ok for 2 Gb drives.
  10. What emulator are you talking about ?
  11. bibilit

    Bootable SC20 with IBM disk

    IIRC something to do with the way the drive is formated. Interleave should be set to 3:1 and a terminator is mandatory. http://www.ccadams.org/se/hard_disk.html
  12. bibilit

    PowerCD repair

    Good to know my repair solved a similar issue. Another Apple liberated
  13. bibilit

    Would these Floppy Disks work on a Macintosh SE/30?

    Both 1.44 and 800k disks are ok, but the bigger the better. You won’t be able to save all the files from your hard disk using floppies, and probably most of them are too big in size. The screwdrivers are ok, no spudger required. If you are able to copy all the files from you drive to the scsi2sd, you will be ok.
  14. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    Have you tried the piggybacking procedure once more on the remaining chips ? can be frustrating but again more than one chip can be bad.
  15. bibilit

    Powerbook 100

    The PowerBook 100 is also known for having capacitors issues (Logic board side) apart from having a bad connector (maybe just bad or broken connector solder) i will replace caps first (never seen one with good ones)