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  1. bibilit

    How to power up PowerBook 100 w/o keyboard!

    Don’t know for sure, but have you tried with an ADB keyboard ?
  2. bibilit

    Horizontal line on Mac Classic

    https://www.qwant.com/?q=68000 Motorola pinout&t=images&o=0:67ddcefad58a19d0c61881cd0aa81fe0 Here is the pinout for the CPU. Clock is on pin 15 and reset on pin 20. You can also check data lines also.
  3. bibilit

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    No broken trace when removing the old chips ?
  4. bibilit

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    So you replaced the whole set of chips ??
  5. bibilit

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    Piggybacking a new ram on top of a faulty one should solve the issue. If not, the fault code should change enough to give a clue.
  6. bibilit

    Horizontal line on Mac Classic

    Are you still having a Bong ? strange, as this kind of pattern is related to a Rom issue, can you scope the reset and data lines ?
  7. bibilit

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Hi, i cut the head off the old capacitors first, then remove the legs. That way, there’s no pressure on pads. You can have a drop of sound in the first place, then a lack of it.
  8. bibilit

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    Anything is possible. Don't know, but you can have several bad chips and the self-test is not accurate a 100%. The Apple IIc test Will stop at the first bad chip found, not giving the full information. Iirc the iigs memory is split in two.
  9. bibilit

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    The best method is using a new chip on top of the faulty one, also called piggybacking. Always worked for me.
  10. bibilit

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    Looks like a ram issue to me. Probably not related to the battery problem
  11. bibilit

    50 pin -> 80 pin SCSI?

    Yes, has been a long time, but yes it worked for me.
  12. bibilit

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    Problem is some information is missing from the screen, so a 4 is present for sure, we can only guess the rest. Once again piggybacking is the way to go, worked a 100% for me. My guess is that maybe more than one chip is bad.
  13. bibilit

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    Yes ram issue. As the code is not complete, hard to locate the faulty one (F7 or G7) piggybacking always worked for me.
  14. bibilit

    Finally found a Performa LC575 for my CC

    Logic board seems ok
  15. bibilit

    LC Fan and Speaker Clicking

    No. There is no problem going higher.