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  1. Classic II logic/analog board in Classic case

    The only problem will be the microphone connector, you can modify the Classic rear bucket by adding a hole, late Classic II casings have also holes for the speaker, but apart from that you can swap boards.
  2. Classic II re-cap

    All references given to you are still available today : 1N4148 (2 required) CNY17G-3 TDA4605
  3. Classic II re-cap

    Did you cleaned the Logic Board ? Your Analog board is not outputing correct voltages anyway. I will replace both diodes DP3 and DP4 (1N4148) the Optoisolator (CNY17) and the TDA 4605 (see my post below) High failure rate on all those parts. You won't get close with those voltages. Any short detected in the Logic board ? (try at the capacitors points for shorts) With the voltages you have right now, the display should show the sort of picture you see below.
  4. Classic II re-cap

    C4 seems badly connected (minus side) apparently not enough heat was used on your soldering, i will touch all of them again. I will also clean the board accurately.
  5. Classic II re-cap

    Reading your first post, the Classic displayed checkerboard pattern on the first run, so obviously the screen was working. Can you post a picture of the work done in the Logic Board side ?
  6. You have the following in London: The Macsmiths 489 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED, UK Tried to have a look at it when i was there last year, but did not have time left.
  7. Lisa Keyboard Pads

    Yes i used a similar method when repairing a keyboard, i glued back the plastic discs and all worked fine. Don't think you can have direct replacement those days, including the plastic part.
  8. Classic II re-cap

    The Classic will display something as far as the Logic Board is connected to the Analog Board, even with a bad Logic Board. Your Classic is acting as if no logic board was connected at all. A Classic with no Logic Board, will be dead, no display, no sound, no fan, nothing.
  9. Classic II re-cap

    Voltages are too low to get things going, a minimum of around 4.85 volts and 11.80 is required. you can have a try and use an hair dryer, heating the capacitors area will increase voltages for a test. When you say screen is dead, what does it mean ? low voltages will display garbage on screen (lines, a wobbling display) but will display something anyway.
  10. hi, No, Chimes of death are not slow, and sound is loud. Ram was tested ok. Will follow the troubleshooting and let you know
  11. Hi, have the same pattern in one board, but sound is loud (chimes of death) board has been cleaned are new caps fitted. Battery did not leaked at all. Any idea ?
  12. Macintosh Classic under-voltage

    Yes, as Bolle says, first thing is to replace capacitors. I will recommend replacing two diodes as well (DP3 and DP4) seen all becoming leaky recently.
  13. Apple PowerCD "portable" CD ROM drive

    Yes, only the Power CD was SCSI.
  14. Apple PowerCD "portable" CD ROM drive

    Philips is CDF 100 but also Kodak PCD 880 was marketed.
  15. Repair Services? Classic Analog board needs recap

    There is a lot of people around able to do this work for you, maybe you can advise where are you based ?