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  1. Unfortunately, caps are not supplied with an expiration date written all over them, they have probably failed already or on their last legs. the Classic is by far the easiest logic board to deal, with only a handfull of capacitors. You can clean the board to remove as much as goo as possible in the first place.
  2. All caps are bad by now, i will remove and replace anyway. Booting from ROM should be the solution. Can be a SCSI cable badly connected or corrupted system.
  3. bibilit

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Any improvement ? can't wait to have a look at that !
  4. Found a Palm M105 myself a couple of weeks ago for 1 €, working without issue, only needed a pair of AAA batteries
  5. bibilit

    Mac Classic II Dump Rescue - Help Needed

    Remove and replace capacitors on the Logic Board first, but also the ones on the Analog Board (plenty posts on this subject)
  6. bibilit

    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    yes, probably aftermarket, not the usual setup, never seen so many platters on any SE/30
  7. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    have you tried without disk drive ? A short somewhere ?
  8. bibilit

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    Hi, Keep in mind that the power supply is connected to the internal one : Not saying this is the issue, but as you have a blinking led some outputs are present...
  9. bibilit

    Audio and video problems with Macintosh Plus

    Checking Ram is easy, but you need another set to swap aound. A cheap Multimeter is all you need to check voltages. https://www.classic-computers.org.nz/blog/2015-05-14-mac-plus-checkerboard.htm
  10. bibilit

    Audio and video problems with Macintosh Plus

    Troubleshoot ram and voltage outputs first.
  11. bibilit

    68 pin SCSI drive conversion tutorial

    I posted that two years ago.... Well, don't see any jumper in your hard drive, won't work without a proper ID , termination and auto start.
  12. bibilit

    Asian Macintosh PCI clones

    Dandu posted some pictures of the Pioneer one: https://www.journaldulapin.com/2018/09/24/pioneer-mpc-gx1/
  13. Removing the screen is not easy, a lot small clips and weak plastic. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27661-tam-no-display/
  14. As Byrd said, same LCD found in the Powerbook 3400 or Kanga, direct swap.
  15. IIRC already seen casing with mixed up screws, don't remember any issue concerning thread or removal. IIRC the early ones had silver srews all around (128/512 Plus) while the late units have the brown/silver setup (SE/Classic) except for the CC that had all silver screws as well.