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  1. bibilit

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Yesterday i was playing with a dead IIe i had at home (not sound, no Power LED), the PSU was dead so managed to hack an ATX PSU to try a boot, but first checked all the capacitors near the connector. One was shorted, so replaced it with a new one (10µf 20v IIRC) switched the PSU, and the capacitor next to the new one bursted litteraly, i replaced this one also and now have a solid power LED (the board has other issues, but is a good start)
  2. bibilit

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Nothing shorted in the PSU connector area ? a glowing power light is a sign not enough power is coming to the board or too much strain is loading the PSU, what are the voltages under load ?
  3. I agree with Macdrone, i will check the power brick first, there is a lot of nasty capacitors inside those, all the ones i have seen so far were gone. The PSU is probably too weak when load is required and this can be the source of your issue, logic boards are bullet proof.
  4. bibilit

    Apple Disk II repairs

    Thanks, Already swapped analog boards, and those are ok. More a problem on the motor PCB or read/write head.
  5. Except for cleaning the head and rails, those are pretty reliable. I have a pair not working properly, one was not spinning at the right speed, but managed to correct to the 300 rpm one, but still not reading. Another is detected too fast and trying to slow down doesn't work. Any advise ?
  6. bibilit

    Broken floppy drive?

    I have replaced quite a few of those, never had any issue, works as the original unit. Mine came from Italy i think.
  7. bibilit

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Nice project you got there. Will probably work fine, i have seen worse. A couple of capacitors and some chips are you will probably be good to go. Don't forget to remove and replace the X2 capacitors from the PSU, those are nasty when they blow up.
  8. bibilit

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    Congrats, I have several of those, pretty nice machine, i still use often.
  9. IIRC the Powerbook 150 was supplied with a set of utilities for HD formating. The PWB 150 is the first unit using IDE instead of SCSI, so those disk were used to install the System.
  10. bibilit

    Next up...Mac 512k

    What kind of floppy drive have you got ? the 400k or the 800 k, the last one is known for having a small gear going bad in the ejecting motor side.
  11. bibilit

    Macintosh plus screen problems! 3

    What is the fault code at the end of your video ? hard to see from the video. Have you tried with another set of Ram sticks ? tried removing the Roms chasing for bad contacts ?
  12. bibilit

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    I agree with that, but once done the image is pretty crisp and sharp.
  13. bibilit

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    One cap is notorious for going bad is those screens, replaced a pair recently. The cap will leak heavily.
  14. bibilit

    Macintosh plus screen problems! 3

    Not clear enough, any picture ?
  15. bibilit

    Bolles finds

    Probably a Killy Clip was provided at some point.