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  1. International boards have a label silkscreened on it
  2. Battery leaked at some point ? had this exact problem not so long ago. Turned out two traces were broken under the battery holder, and this is near the Rom chips.
  3. bibilit

    SE FDHD Restoration

    One of my SEs was also damaged by a Maxell battery and survived pretty well with some work,...SEs are bulletproof. Your part is probably a capacitor (0.1 µf / 50 volt)
  4. Concerning the Video Card, i flashed an ATI 8500 (PC) series a couple of years ago pretty easily. Still working fine today.
  5. bibilit

    Quicktake 150 software

    Another copy of the software (apparently several disks went bad) and it worked flawlessly in a Powerbook 160. The process is very slow...really slow. but was able to have a look at pretty old pictures..and new ones. Quality is pretty poor,was able to copy some pictures and my C2D Imac is able to let me see a preview (icon size), but not the full size picture.
  6. bibilit

    Quicktake 150 software

    Tried again this evening. The virtual memory was cranked up, and loading the program twice worked this time. Photoflash is not present in the hard drive, so can't see the pictures, the 170 has the tunnel vision problem also, so more to come...
  7. bibilit

    Quicktake 150 software

    Hi my friend, Well worked for me last time, but remember having troubles loading the software already at that time. To be honest my copy of disk 3 is not detected properly, but is not mandatory for the drivers to work (only for the Photoflash software) so doing a custom install with only the drivers worked fine each and every time. The fact that the Powerbook 170 goes a little further in the process let me think that maybe the 170 is also a bit weak in the memory side (IIRC 8 Mb of virtual memory should be activated, not sure this is the case right now) Concerning the 3400, booting Mac OS 9, and the QT150 doesn't play nice with Mac Os 9, even with 8 by the way.
  8. bibilit

    Quicktake 150 software

    I decided to have a look at my 150 this week-end. A couple of years ago worked fine in a 7500 (IIRC) but tried in a Powerbook 145, a 170 and a 3400 without success. The 145 is probably too weak in the ram side, the 170 worked as far as trying to create the icons, but didn't go any further and i had to reset the Powerbook manually. In the 3400 (Mac Os 9) the process probably didn't worked because the Quicktime files were replaced with earlier versions. I remember having troubles in the first place with the 7500. Any help welcome.
  9. bibilit

    A new Classic for Father's Day

    A Macintosh Classic...well a Classicbot indeed, but very nice, also included a nice selection of icons related set.
  10. bibilit

    Apple Set Top Box

    Pretty nice, time to find a suitable Rom for it IIRC
  11. bibilit

    early Disk II drive

    Working fine after tuning the speed just below the 300 rpm mark.
  12. bibilit

    Help revive an Original Macintosh Prototype

    Those RIFA capacitors are prone to failure, but otherwise pretty easy to replace and when they fail, apart from the strong smell, won't harm anything. Still available and cheap.
  13. bibilit

    early Disk II drive

    Some pictures: The blue guide and foam clamp, brown stepper disk and Shugart sticker.
  14. bibilit

    early Disk II drive

    Just figured out that early drives have a kind of sticker in the lower portion of the front casing with Apple logo and name (the upper part is textured while the lower is smooth) and mine should be missing (but traces of glue are present)
  15. bibilit

    early Disk II drive

    Yes i am. Rear Apple sticker is present, the Analog board is also an Apple one, will post some pictures.