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  1. ralphw

    HD20 Schematics required

    These are just guesses, without looking at the drive. The Rodime drives of my youth were either MFM or ST-506 devices. We used them because they only cost a few hundred dollars for a 40M drive, so we could risk putting them in moving vehicles (a robot truck that could drive itself - as long as you didn't need it to go very fast...) A company called "Adaptec" (might sound familiar), made an ACB-4000 card, which sat on top of the drive and converted SCSI commands to MFM/RLL ST-506 signals. Check http://bitsavers.org/pdf/adaptec/400003-00A_ACB4000UM_Oct85.pdf for details. Not sure if this will help with the reverse engineering project, but the background information will be helpful. I'm interested in other project that can leverage the 'Disk II" controller technology. It would be fun to build a network interface with one.
  2. ralphw


    There's a bit of renewed activity on the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup on the AlphaSyntauri and Soundchaser systems It would be wonderful to have the full set of demos songs & software for the ALF sound cards. I took pictures of my Mountain Computer board set, which was usable with either the AlphaSyntauri or Soundchaser keyboards - the keyboards required a separate interface card. Photos are on flickr (two now, more later) http://www.flickr.com/photos/rwhyre/tags/soundchaser/