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  1. Sorry its been so long since I have been on this site and I didn't notice the recent posts, hope you all got it figured out ok since then >< JDW as far as the capacitor I used they were not an exact fit but depending on the rev of analog board you have the leads on those film capacitors can be bent to fit in the existing holes. and VON I took the ROM chip from a Nubus version of the same card that had 2.6 on it and it was apparently cross compatibl, got it cheap on ebay and saw in the picture the rom chip. As was mentioned they did dump the 2.6 and a couple other versions for download if someone wanted to burn their own rom chip for their cards =)
  2. I got lucky with the diimo030 card on ebay very pricey.. I don't think it gets too hot at all i never checked, I do now have an optical/laser thermometer I can use to actually test it... one day when i have time to get it out and play with the se30 again. I don't think they had temperature programs back then like they do now, I don't think there's an internal thermometer in these old cpu's
  3. I tried Vette its interesting like the first 3d game ever lol but its so hard to play and i cant even figure out where to go XD I couldn't imagine it multiplayer is it over IP ? I thought just local link. Lets try this Bolo game too someday it looks funny. Right now I'm just trying to fix quicktime with the musical instruments and movie player lol somewhere along the line of installing and updating things quicktime I think 2.5 was installed and messed up my old stuff, I don't think the musical instruments extension will run its not compatible with 2.5 I think it only works up to QT2.1. Then my "movie player" is gone and apparently doesn't come with newer versions of qt? It always worked before but now its all screwy and games like Marathon require musical instruments extension to play music in game, But then I thought I put qt2.1 and got musical instruments working but then Marathon was freezing when I started a game. I'll figure it out! >< Good news though I tried my Reset button the other day and it seems to work fine now. what a mystery that was, the button itself always functioned fine, but the computer wouldn't actually reboot. it would just shut off the screen and come back up frozen.
  4. I doubt it was that simple, the only jumpers on the board are to select the pds address for the card in case other pds cards use set address, and did not effect the problem either way the mouse freezing Only in 32bit mode Only on the pivot connected screen instantly as it boots. Also the IIsi cards already came with the v2.6 rom (as far as i know) and the problem was with the rom definitely my 030 card was v1.0 lol This problem did not even happen once with the IIsi card with the updated rom. I posted in my se30 thread that I got a nubus card with the v2.6 rom chip real cheap and just swapped the chip on the 030 card and it works great now!! =D I would have gotten more chips to try but this was easier cheaper and faster. Thanks to all yous that helped figure this out and ripped the newer roms on file for everyone to updated their cards too =)
  5. Cool Thanks Glad I kept my old imacg3 I'll try backup on there someday when I have room for another mac XD. For now a lot of sites won't let me access downloads directly from the macintosh and instead of downloading on pc and writing to discs to transfer files etc.. I finally managed to setup a working FTP Folder on my current windows10 pc that can be accessed from my good ol macintosh to transfer files directly. It still takes a long time because I'm not on ethernet I am using a dialup modem on the macintosh and the "dreampi" dialup adapter to my lan/internet. goes like 1.3K/s lol takes like 10 minutes for a couple megs hahah
  6. YAY! I got the scsi2sd working! And got all 4 2gb drives working! I got my files from the hard drive with no problem ! I'm still hoping it was just a loose power connector to the hard drive from heat etc when it starts loading it would kinda "restart". Luckily I had a 2 scsi cable around so I could hook up the both the hard drive and the scsi2sd gets power right from the scsi termination power and didnt need a power plug Very cool! And the external cd drive all at the same time. Anyone know if its possible to Backup the SD Card image or the files from the sd card on a modern computer if there's a tool for that? or perhaps can plug the sd card right into a modern mac will recognize the drives partitions? I'm pretty sure windows wouldn't lol Gah Initializing these drives took ForEveR!
  7. Thank you chu-oh I totally forgot about that stuff >< I remember even this 2g drive I had a hard time getting it recognized and initialized I had to find just the right hd setup tool. I'll mess with it more and keep updating =) Also got the updated v2.6 rom chip for the radius card and updated my se/30 card from 1.0 =) However I might do what others did and use the iisi card if i ever get an asante ethernet in there as well !
  8. Anyone know how to get this scsi2sd thing to work? the thing should come with instructions lol not much setup instructions out there. I downloaded the utlity updated the firmware and set 1 scsi device tried different addresses but my macintosh and HD Setup Does not find any scsi device attached to a scsi port. Any tips would be helpful =)
  9. tact

    Mac spotted on stage

    Not sure if there's a topic for mac spottings but I saw a mac plus it looks like on stage with the great guitar player Shawn Lane in this old video! =D plus its a good song. wonder what he was using it for
  10. Whats bolo? lol id try it does it work well on dialup hahaha Just worried about getting my files off this hard drive before it might die forever, or hope its repairable possibly just sticking. scsi2sd should be here in a day or so I did get the Radius Pivot Nubus card with a v2.6 rom chip on it finally fix my original se30 card, however i am tempted to use the iisi card and stack another pds card in there if I can but I like things to be legit lol I don't like hacking things up.
  11. I checked the voltages are great at 4.94v and 12.4v stable. Also the drive worked this time showed up when I booted to the rom drive. Seems it only had a problem once it got warmed up... or maybe a loose wire i hope. Or perhaps the drive is suffering Sticking on those rubber pads but i thought it wasn't that old of a drive. its a newer 2gb quantum drive i thought only certain older ones had the problems with the rubber stoppers. But I finally ordered a SCSI2SD adapter and hopefully will get one last good boot long enough to get my files from there before the drive might fail forever ... > I'm so sick of losing my backup files... Not touching it again until i get the SD setup !
  12. Sooo I get my mac out again finally boot it up and start playin around after a while started having problems with my hard drive.......... > good ol 2gb hard drive with all my best files will not boot now!! can hear it start up like normal sounds then as it starts to boot can hear it click and restart .... I can still boot to the Rom drive on the rominator and the hard drive stops doing its thing as its not being accessed. But.. I loaded some Floppy discs in and the hard drive started making noises again . sounds like its restarting. Anyone have any ideas what to do or troubleshoot this? Maybe I should check my voltages? May be a bit low with the Diimo, Pivot card, And this big 2gd scsi drive might be sucking up all of the 5v? or 12v? Fyi This mac is Completely recapped Power supply Analog board and logic board obviously, It never had any problems or damage that specifically needed repair. I did check my voltages months ago when I completed the recap I had them written down somewhere.. They were stable and fine within range. Ill open it up later and check it out I'm too worried right now >< Any help or recommendations for things to check would be great. or anyone know a way to fix or recover this drive ? =) I'll have to get a scsi2sd then i guess ]'>
  13. tact

    Toledogeek's SE/30 Build

    wow nice job cramming all that in there ! Bet you could still fit another pds card on the top of that network adapter tho i don't know what else could be =p
  14. tact

    SE/30 Combined Ethernet/Video PDS card

    Welcome newcomer. That would be quite a big project to interface the pds slot with a pi to use as an ethernet and video out adapter and also make the drivers for the mac itself.