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  1. Tempest

    Original Battery in my Mac SE

    I'm not sure actually. It's a mid-range SE so it's not too early and it's before the Super Drive was added later on. When I crack it open again I'll have to see.
  2. Tempest

    Original Battery in my Mac SE

    After opening up my Mac SE I noticed that it still has the original soldered in battery in it. Amazingly the battery still appears to work as the time and date settings are stored properly. Eventually I know I'll have to replace it, but if it's not leaking is it safe to leave it in until it stops working (I assume it won't leak until after it stops working)? Also, is there an easy to install battery replacement for the soldered battery or should I just solder another one in?
  3. Sigh, looks like I'm not the only one with MacCaps issues. I dropped off my Mac back in June and after several delays he said he was going to work on it but then he said he had a flood in his office when the ceiling collapsed and that my Mac had been sitting in water for a bit. I had asked him if there was any damage to it and he told me he didn't know but he'd look at it when he opened it up to be recapped. Then he stopped responding to emails. I'm kind of surprised at all of this because last time I used him he was really fast and even let me drop it off at his house to save shipping cost. But now I'm out money and my beloved Mac Classic. I hope he comes through still, but I've seen this sort of thing before on other forums and it never ends well.
  4. Tempest

    Mac Classic Video Issue

    Anyone heard from MacCaps? I gave him my Mac back in June to recap and after several delays he said he was going to get to it but then stopped responding to emails. Did something happen to him?
  5. Tempest

    iMac G3 and DVDs

    I found Tiger on CD so I'm just going to use those. I actually do own a copy on DVD so I think I'm ok.
  6. Tempest

    iMac G3 and DVDs

    I have a PowerBook G4 that has Firewire. I guess I'd need to find a FireWire cable. Would a usb dvd drive work on the iMac? I think I have one of those somewhere.
  7. I was going to upgrade my G3 iMac to Tiger tonight when I noticed my Tiger disc was a DVD which my iMac won't read. Am I better off searching for a Tiger CD set or just buy a FireWire DVD reader? Are most OS X programs for Tiger or older on CD or DVD?
  8. Tempest

    iMac G3 Hard Drive

    I found a 120GB drive which should work just fine. I was going to make two 60GB partitions and put OS 9 and X on them so I can easily dual boot with the Option key. 2TB drive? What the heck are you using all that space for? I don't have 2TB of storage on my modern PC!
  9. Will any standard IDE hard drive work in a iMac 3G? Are there certain brands that I should avoid? I want to replace the 40GB HD in mine.
  10. Tempest

    USB Switch For Keyboard/Mouse

    Will a USB 2.0 switch box work with early Mac USB keyboards and mice (which are not 2.0)? I want to use my mouse and keyboard with two different Macs (an iMac and Cube) but all the USB switch boxes I see are 2.0. I assume it's all backwards compatible.
  11. Tempest

    USB Floppy Drives and 800K Disks

    Oh I have a Beige G3 Tower I use for that. I was just hoping I could put it away and use the iMac, but I guess not.
  12. Maybe this has been answered before, but is it possible to use a USB floppy drive connected to a G3 iMac to create 800K disks for use on older Macs? I'm going to guess no since it doesn't have the variable motor, but I wasn't sure if software could overcome that. By create disks I mean use things like DiskDup to turn image files into bootable floppy disks.
  13. I've maxed out the ram, but it has the base processor and video. What should I add?
  14. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. But I'm not terribly interested in playing cross platform games (I have a DOS box for that) I want to play Mac specific titles and I think those are mostly OS 9 so I'll probably stick with the iMac. New question: How hard is it to upgrade a G3 Beige Tower? I'd rather use that than the iMac due to space.
  15. I didn't realize the iMacs were prone to overheating. I had never heard that before.