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      07 Jul

    Finally have a good number of Palm OS devices, just looking for the elusive ( read: affordable) Newton Messagepad 2100 to fill out the ranks.

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Macintosh Plus analog board 240V (which cap goes where)

Compact Mac Today, 01:02 PM
Hi everyone, partially recapped my Mac Plus waiting for the other caps from RS and I forgot the values of C5, C6, C10, C18 and C12 (all axial ones) and C31 because I had a headache and want to make sure they are all the right ones.
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2 iMac G3's and 2 eMac's

Conquests Today, 08:19 AM
Found a listing of 2 iMac G3's and 2 eMac's, no power cables, 1 keyboard and mouse for imac g3 and 1 keyboard and mouse for eMac, 3 of them work, haven't tested the one that is said to not power on. 50AUD for the lot so I bought it.
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Are Mac CRTs laminated?

Compact Mac Today, 03:25 AM
I just watched this guy on youtube de-laminate the "safety screen" from a CRT.   Does anyone know if the Macs' CRTs are laminated?   If so, you could potentially use the safety screen + LCD to mod a case without having to use a diamond cutter
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ADT Pro bad bits

Apple I, ][, /// & Lisa Today, 02:35 AM
whenever i try to transfer a image to a disk with my iic, it writes "bad bits" and then after a second it will timeout to the adt pro menu. Any suggestions?
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Colour classic strange problem

Compact Mac Yesterday, 10:19 PM
Hello. I am having a problem where my colour classic when booting it up it sometimes doesn't chime and goes to a grey screen. Sometimes it will do other random stuff like play the crash sound but stay on the Grey screen. I tried cleaning the board (was filled with dust). That fixed it for a littl...
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