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No sound on Classic II even after recapping

Compact Mac Today, 07:18 PM
Hello 68k MLA folks,   I recently aquired a Classic II (actually a Performa 200...). When I first got it, no startup chime and vertical bars, the usual symptoms of leaky capacitors.   Cleaning the logic board allowed it to start and System 7 works great on it, but there was no sound. I...
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Plus recapping power board

Compact Mac Today, 04:22 PM
Hey guys   I've had a recap kit from CC_333 in my drawer for over a year now as i've been putting off recapping the power board.    I'm now thinking I really should get on it before the caps leak, does anyone know if there is a diagram pointing out the locations for each of the cap...
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Apple IIc floppy drive supplement

Apple I, ][, /// & Lisa Yesterday, 10:46 PM
If i were to unplug the internal drive and plug in a disk II, could i use the disk II as if it were the internal drive?
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iMac G3 500mhz

Conquests Yesterday, 09:44 PM
A couple of months ago I went to one of our remote brances and went into the network closet to find a Powermac G4 and an iMac G3 that haven't been touched in years.  Took the Powermac last trip, and saved the iMac for next time I had to go to that branch office which was today.  It's an...
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Radius Pivot Card Topics & related threads:

Hacks & Development Yesterday, 09:42 PM
Had some free time and figured it was long past time to search and list the most relevant threads on the Radius Pivots. They seem to come up in discussions more than any other VidCards, maybe because they're more generally available at lower cost than "standalone" NuBus, '030 PDS and LC PDS Video...
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