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      07 Jul

    Finally have a good number of Palm OS devices, just looking for the elusive ( read: affordable) Newton Messagepad 2100 to fill out the ranks.

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400 k drive

Peripherals Today, 06:56 AM
I have a Macintosh 128/512  floppy drive at home acting strangely.   in the average ones, the disk will be driven at a low speed, mine the motor is spinning fast as soon as a disk is present, and doesn't work of course.   Any clue (board maybe ?)
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Asante MacCon Mod/Radius Color Pivot II/IIsi Cable Build-...

Hacks & Development Yesterday, 11:13 PM
A lot of info on this stuff is scattered about a few convoluted threads, most of it is buried under the incredible heap of crap in the IIsiColorPivotII_PDS_Card_HackProjectâ„¢ thread so it's high time for a fresh start:   I should be able to dig pics of the MacCon model with the removable Thic...
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Classic II Recap Project

Compact Mac 19 Oct 2017
After many years of procrastination, I decided to tackle my first 68k recap. I relearned soldering when I recapped a chinese OTA DVR, so the Classic II should be doable. My Classic II became unusable in 2011. The repair work is well overdue.   I used the wire cutter/sharp pliers method to re...
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Rev. 2 B&W refusing to boot from anything

G3/G4/G5 Power Mac, iMac & eMac 19 Oct 2017
Hey Guys, I picked up what I thought was a great deal on a B&W off craigslist last night, and now I can't help but wonder if it's cursed. The previous owner said it worked a few years ago when he last used it, but we all know how that goes....    Anyway, here's what I know so far. A...
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