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Wallstreet battery & optiical drive issues

PPC PowerBook & iBook Today, 05:07 PM
Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement?   Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it...
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G5 2.1ghz iMac Road-kill

G3/G4/G5 Power Mac, iMac & eMac Today, 04:09 PM
So.. $parent ends up in hospital again and the other night I'm driving home after visiting hours and spotto a G5 in a pile of detritus out front of this place.   This thing is fiiiiiilthy and has old UNSW stickers all over it. Some smoker had it and it's just gummed up.   So I get it ho...
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I need the name of a SCSI adapter

Compact Mac Yesterday, 10:44 PM
Enclosed is a photo of the back of my SCSI CD- reader.  A cable and adapters go from it's "out" port and plug into the back of my Color Classic.   I am buying a SCSI burner/reader.  I guess I plug the SCSI burner/reader into the "IN" SCSI port on my SCSI reader.   The number s...
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Apple 20SC external hard drive

Conquests 22 Jun 2017
Managed to save this from a recycling center.  Not sure if it works or not, Fan spins up and is really loud, no weird cliking from the drive or anything which is a good sign.  Gotta track down a SCSI cable to fully test it.   http://imgur.com/ZVJad0M
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Miro Rainbow GX PDS graphic card

Mac II, Quadra & Centris 22 Jun 2017
I can't find any info or drivers for this card. It was taken from Quadra 650. How much faster is PDS than NuBus?    
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