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Mac Classic Won't Accept RAM Cards

Compact Mac Today, 01:40 AM
My Mac Classic gives me a Sad Mac with 00005 as the top line, 10000 at the bottom (I may be forgetting a few zeroes here up front). I know this refers to RAM addressing, and it has happened now with three RAM cards.   When no RAM card is installed, the Classic boots normally.   Any idea...
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what is a A/UX System Drive, and do I want it? (OS 7.6)

Compact Mac Yesterday, 01:32 PM
Hi...   I am trying to format a SCSI to CF card. I want to use this in a system running 7.6.    I can choose:   1) Multiple Mac Volumes   2) A/UX 1.0 System Drive 1 Mac OS volume   3) A/UX 1.0 Data Drive   4) A/UX 2.0 System Drive 1 Mac OS volume   5) A/UX...
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Color Classic analog recap

Compact Mac Yesterday, 12:30 PM
Took down my color classic last week, to be a kid for the day (again).  I have 2 color classics. This one, all standard and the second one is the mystic that I did the video mod on.   all was ok for a while, then the display started jumping,twitching so decided to have a look.  Ope...
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I checked the state of the collection, but ...

Mac II, Quadra & Centris Yesterday, 11:59 AM
My IIfx did not start. It starts with a jump start. TOKAMAC IIfx will start for the first time in about 10 years. IIfx's only PDS 68040 accelerator has worked!   Since the HDD is in a bad condition, I will exchange it for CF or SD card drive. Which is CF or SD recommended? I plan to repair I...
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Mac IIfx wont turn on (Replaced the batteries)

Mac II, Quadra & Centris 21 May 2017
Yes, its now the opposite of my older thread. Ive picked up a IIfx that wont turn on! I switched PSUs with my other good one, nothing. Replaced batteries. Nothing.    At. All.   Im going to get both fully recapped. This ones board is perfect, like my other one... Only thing I can t...
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