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    • Thanks. I appreciate the effort.
    • Yeah, there's always a trade-off there. You come out ahead even on HP's cheapest lasers, relative to inkjets, in several metrics, but if you can swing a bigger printer, there's more room for toner in it, and with HP in particular, a lot of the cost of each toner cartridge is the imaging drum in it, so it doesn't cost too much more to get a 2000-page toner for a bigger printer than to get a 1000-page one for the basic printer.   When you're buying used and/or you have a relatively generous budget, you have some more latitude to make decisions like that. I bought close to the leading edge of "color lasers a single person can lift on their own" as a category, back when I got the 6120. (*Also, it was purchased for me as a school supply by my parents, and my track record up to that point buying used hardware had been very poor, so I suspect they would not have gone for the idea of buying something used.)   For me, it's tough to say what the best mix would be today, if I had some reason to buy a new printer. (which is probably the real indicator: my print volume is under 100 pages a year) I need to look at some point because I have a mild fear that the decision might be made for me if there are no longer new toner cartridges being made for the 6120. It'd be tempting to go get a LaserJet 4 or 5 and start getting Staples' house-brand 98X cartridges for it, but I don't really print anywhere near often enough to merit that over a much less expensive printer, even if HP gets a few more bucks out of me every second or third year when I've exhausted a cartridge.   EDIT/Add: Xerox appears to have discontinued its own 98x toner, which when theyw ere making it a decade ago claimed over 10,000 pages a cartridge. Staples' TRU-RED brand claims 8800ish pages.   On the Phaser 6120, which I of course recommend if you need color and can find the supplies for it, there are standard and high capacities for each C/M/Y/K toner and a separate imaging unit, the bummer is that the standard capacity cartridges are $100 a pop and the high capacity ones are roughly $230 a pop (Staples pricing). Granted, I used the printer for like four years before the first toner ran out and then had to pack it up because it wouldn't print and I didn't have money at the time to get a new one. That inertia has carried me for around ten years and I'm still carrying the thing around with me.   Xerox's pricing appears mostly comparable, but they appear to have it in stock and Staples doesn't.
    • This is good to hear!! I had gone ahead and ordered one, so I am looking forward to trying it out.   You just drop in drive images and update a text file right on the SD card, right? It reminds me of Basilisk (emulator) where you edit the prefs file to tell it what disks to load and CD-ROM etc.   Edit: Now I see @ymk has joined, welcome! 
    • Since 72 pin SIMMs are more affordable in higher capacities and they're electrically compatible with the 30 pin SIMMs. Each group of four 30 pin SIMMs map to a single 72 pin one. So how about some board-to-board adapter with two angled 72pin SIMMs to replace the eight 30 pin ones? Or even better, some modern-ish soldered on 128MB memory module that solders into the holes left by the 30 pin SIMMs?
    • Agreed, mechanically it doesn't buy much, it's more for production. The 68 pin socket is on its own and many other designs are single sockets as well.