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Posted - 24 Dec 2003 :  21:31:32
I have a Q800 here I am wanting to build up. I am going to up the RAM to 136MB. I also plan on adding a Nubus scsi card, with 2 4.3gig 7200 rpm ultra wide drives. I also want to add a good video card. I am not sure what card I want. I am going to be using it to drive a 19" sony monitor so it needs to be able to do 24bit color at 1024x768 and higher. Now I just need to figure out what to put in the last slot.

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Posted - 24 Dec 2003 :  23:37:36
Depends on what your going to do on your machine. My840av has a 10/100 network card, UWscsi card, and a radius video capture card in the pds slot. You could add a radius rocket 68040/40 for a dual processor rig (kinda anyway), a radius videovision card for video capture, a good soundcard to turn the machine into a recording studio, a GPIB card to control instruments, a 486 PC card for doing DOS games, etc.

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