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    • Back then, I to noticed something about AMD systems versus Intel ones.   For whatever reason, given otherwise similar configs (1 GB RAM, Windows XP, same graphics card), the graphics on the AMD system would feel strangely laggy compared to the Intel system, which felt fine.   This was on an AthlonX2-based MSI board, so that might've been it (I've noticed that that era of MSI boards felt kinda cheap, probably in part because of that lag).   I had used several Athlon64-based systems, both then and more recently, none of them have exhibited that lag.   c
    • Oh, its the 25-pin to 50-pin SCSI adapter board, I used to have one of those, but gave it away not knowing what it was! I really want one now, and idea where I can find one or how I could make one? I have a 128k upgrade card that adds a 25-pin IDC connector internally (so in this case probably 26-pin) and I don't have any drives that can use it.
    • Ordered a SSD from the Operator Headgap store with 120GB, Adaptor, and Dual boot 9.2.2 and 10.4.11.   I'm done dicking around with these 3.5 IDE drives  
    • Okay. looks like Quest Components has forty-eight 600 MHz 750CX for ~$20 each.  The 750cx comes in a 256 pin BGA (27mm X 27mm).   Bus multiplier only goes up to 10X, which is probably why I was thinking it was limited to 500 MHz.   On a 50MHz bus machine, the fastest you can run it is 10 X 50 = 500 MHz without overclocking the bus.   They have some (7) 750FX at  800 MHz for $32.50.  That's pretty good.   292 pin BGA (21mm X 21mm).   The 750FX has up to a 20X bus multiplier.   Anyone know how the 750GL differs from the 750GX?    They have 81 750GL for $34.50 - $39.    Same package as the 750FX and also up to 20X multiplier.   The GL has a 1MB L2 cache like the GX...
    • Thanks I will look into this.   So I tried my old 20GB drive last night with similar results.  The 80GB gives me the folder with a question mark, the 20GB gives me the disk with a question mark.  I guess it's not that big a stretch that both drives could have gone bad.  Still given that I switched the video card and replaced the internal DVD drive, could it be anything else I need to troubleshoot?   I've zapped the PRAM, and hit the reset button for the Real-Time-Clock on the motherboard. Anything else I could do to get this thing up and running short of a new HDD?  I know the 80GB is bad because of the noise it makes, the 20GB i'm not so sure... working on replacing them regardless but just wondering as it seems like a coincidence that they would both be out.  What magical key sequences should I be trying?