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    • Ship it to Bolle, he would be the closest to you that could possibly fix it. 
    • @Trash80toHP_Mini haha that's EXACTLY what I'm trying to do! You might remember from another post that I can't get my Daystar Turbo and other PDS network cards to work together - so I'm going to attempt to use a SCSI Ethernet adapter instead.   I also have an Asante Micro EN/SC, and I hope to change the connection to a 50 pin ribbon connector.   In regard to SCSI termination, I'm assuming that the Asante adapter is already terminated. I also have a SCSI2SD in my SE/30, and I'm pretty sure that can be configured to not terminate.   So I'll try the SCSI2SD as the first device, and the Asante on the end. Think that might work?   @oldappleguy thanks for the pic, I've ordered one off eBay.
    • Check out The Dead Mac Scrolls pg. 206. It specifically describes this problem with an SE as 1mb simms being the wrong row based on the logic board rev.
    • Dunno what ants has up his sleeve, but this ASANTE MICRO EN/SC has slowly been making its way into a Duo 2300c/TB HDD bay along with some kind of chipthingie/IDE adapter for more than a few years now. Temptation was to throw it into the PB150 for a while, but now I'm thinking the VONETS adapter might fit into the modem bay, mounted to a Power Board or denuded Modem for the Duo with an AirPort Antenna in the lid.     Can't imagine it's not well terminated, but haven't really looked that far ahead quite yet. Shouldn't matter as it'll be the only internal SCSI device. Temptation to drill small holes into the wrist rest for blinkage is almost irresistible. Desoldering the connector and hardwiring the 10bT connection to the desoldered VONETS connector, thruhole to thruhole will be next. May add a Male-Female plug setup to move the bits around in different machines for WiFi playtime.   I can see one of these in a version of joe the zombie's SCSI2SD sled along with the VONETS bits. mount it sideways in the front and angle the LEDs so they light up the bottom of the cooling vent  .  .  .  
    • So far, on my Wallstreet PDQ, a Sony PCWA C150 (not S version) is recognized and works on macOS 9.2.1 through Airport utility. The utility shows all nearby hotspots. It is an 802.11b card with up to WEP encryption I believe.    I also got a “hide away” 2 USB port PC Card that works with it, on macOS 9.2.1 and 10.1. Logitech wireless mouse works normally with Mouseware installed.    On my 550c, I got the PCWA C150 recognized on macOS 8.6, but requires drivers, so it does not work. But at least it is recognized. Also got a Memorex PC Card compact flash adapter that works well on the 550c, even on macOS 8.1. Haven’t tried it on my Wallstreet, but I don’t think there would be any problem.