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    • @Trash80toHP_Mini I think so.
    • Hi Everyone,   I am trying to enable MacSSH on my SE/30 so I can use it as a terminal! I'm running OS 7.1 so need some extras. I've added the Thread Manager extension, "upgraded" the HD with Apple HD SC Setup (whatever that means), and then enabled 10M of Virtual Memory per   But now, I get chimes of death!! Can I disable virtual memory at boot time, or is my SE/30 an ex-SE/30? :s   Cheers,   andy
    • Unfortunately, caps are not supplied with an expiration date written all over them, they have probably failed already or on their last legs.   the Classic is by far the easiest logic board to deal, with only a handfull of capacitors.   You can clean the board to remove as much as goo as possible in the first place.
    • . Aha, forgot that detail, thank you. Notably, these issues would also be present on the Performa 630 series, as well, since the 6200 was built pretty much by adding a 603 to the existing architecture. It's easy to find the developer notes Apple published for each machine and verify this in the block diagram.   A good bit of information to accompany this part of your article-or-articles (and, a good exercise for you if you haven't done it) would be to look at the block diagram for the machines.   As Taylor Design noted, the setup in the 6200 is pretty much what a modern northbridge/southbridge looks like, so it wouldn't surprise me if a newer machine mirrored that, despite switching out almost all of the relevant components. It's been a while since I looked, however, I'll see if I can make itme to do that later today.
    • SGI built their own GPUs for the O2, Octane, and the VW320/540 which were their machines paired with the 1600SW. On the Mac, a Number 9 Revolution was often used, and a few different cards (but mainly that one) were used on commodity PCs. SGI (and also Formac if I remember correctly) had what was called the multi-link adapter, which adapted from regular DVI to DFP.   Unless I'm reading the spec wrong -- it's possible I am and that DFP was on the MLA and not on the 1600SW itself.   Oh yeah -- Compaq was honestly one of the PC OEMs to give IBM the best run for their money, their laptops tended to be on point and set up well, plus they'd acquired DIGITAL and were doing more or less a reasonable job with Alpha.   It's interesting though because I hadn't seen any DFP references when looking at that stuff, but Compaq (and later HP) favored ATi stuff at the end of the Alpha platform, so if it would've been anywhere, it stands to reason it would have been there.   Mediocre is the key word, but as an 8MB card, that card probably wasn't considered mediocre when it was new, it's just, not what I would've paired my SGI 1600SW with, is all. (My presumption here is that when it was new, an 8MB ATi Rage-class card would've been good for 2D work or perhaps then-modern 3d gaming, and so it's really a "just got a new-modern 20" CRT I'm running at over 1600x1200" for big spreadsheets" card, but it was around the late '90s that using very specialty GPUs started falling out of style in favor of, just, most software started to be faster on CPUs (only to start to fall back into favor at the end of the 200xs, but that's a different story.)