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Posted - 25 Nov 2003 :  20:21:34
Well we have a program(TV)here in UK called Top of The Pops 2, which shows old performances, then I saw The Red Hot Chili Peppers, with "Under The Bridge".

Now there was a slightly cakky girl band called All Saints who covered this song, just a few years later, it bemused us(my wife also) why they would do this cos they made a good song, sound a bit cakky.

Well I renenber the origional as if it were yesterday & I was out clubbing at around that era(not been out clubbing for about 7 years),

Well why all this abount this?, well the year for "Under the bridge" song was 1994, the year they were making my Quadra I believe!, but I remember the Chili's vividly but would have had no idea what a Quadra was!

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 26 Nov 2003 :  16:17:44
yeah ... i saw that ... it was not a bad edition of TOTP2

U.T.B. is my favourite Chillies song by far ...

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Posted - 27 Nov 2003 :  07:32:55
1994 was around when my wife and I first started dating, and she loved that song (the original...never heard any remakes).

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Posted - 27 Nov 2003 :  14:20:49
since this is sort of about music. . .

Kurt Kobain offed himself in 1994. . .sorry for the reminder. . .not nice to think of death. . .but it did happen in 1994.

I have a problem with vintage electronics. . .I am working on it.

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Posted - 13 Dec 2003 :  20:09:07
1994 was when I was in 3rd grade...

Also the beginning of the new alternative movement with Weezer, Oasis, Soundgarden, etc...

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Posted - 14 Dec 2003 :  06:05:26
1994 was when i was in Grade 4...ouch....

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