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Posted - 19 Nov 2003 :  23:31:29
Well, my little Quadra 605 is a beauty! I've decided it's a her. Can't see anything being this beautifull and not being a girl.

Her official name is "Kierra" as I see her personification as an 8 year old girl. (Take a moment and personify your Macintosh, you will be amazed at the personalities and age groups each one has)

Of course, I get to satisfy curious minds as to why I name machines by the simple explanation that it's a required function of networking for all machines to have a proper name.

Kierra will be doing lightweight file serving along with FileMaker databases. Basically, I plan on keeping my most precious text files and other goodies on her 1GB hard disk. For a 605, 1GB is like a whole house to yourself. (giggles)

Right now the Quadra 605 has 12MB of RAM, but as I locate more memory I will replace the one 8MB chip in there.

I have a nice wood desk in my room that would make a nice home for Kierra. The top section has a latch/door that opens down to make a flat surface to work on..and inside you can keep stuff. It's large enough for the 605, so I'm going to nicely make proper holes for the cables and have it discreetly inside the hutch out of sight.

One question though, what CPU can I replace the LC040 with? Would a Quadra 840AV CPU work?

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Posted - 20 Nov 2003 :  07:19:36
The CPU from an 840 will work fine, although it will only run at 50/25mHz (same as the Q605) unless you do the overclocking mod.

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Posted - 20 Nov 2003 :  14:24:04

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