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 Case mod for q950 board
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Posted - 17 Nov 2003 :  05:52:28
Glad to see the forum back after the long break!
As I mentioned in the "Conquests" forum, I now have a Q950 board - complete with key! The question is - do I keep it around to collect dust in case my "active" Q950 dies OR do I try to find (or build) a case for it to fit in? I would like to have a quiet, functioning 950, and do not necessarily need to hook up another 4 hard disks. What would be the minimum wattage PSU that I would need for the job (and would a non-950 mac PSU plug into all the proper slots)? I have a free offer for a Umax C500 (that is a PPC 603 job with a 120 W PSU I think)but I am not sure if it would fit. Or am I stuck cutting out a plywood box?
Has anyone here done a mod for a Q950 board?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Mac IIsi, Performa 475 (with full 68040 33MHz), Quadra 950, Quadra 650


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