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 840av, dos card
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Posted - 08 Nov 2003 :  07:10:11
Well you will all nkow that I allways feel it is worth flogging a dead horse(very metephorical horse),

I used my dos card with my quadra 650 & it was great to use, but my 650 is not in use.

Can I put a dos card into my 840av?

Would I be able to/be better off, would it be worth it to run pc emulation software on my 840av?
I really am not keen on the emulation software way.

I think that the problem would be that the dos card wouldn't physically fit, or is my 840av just lacking the connector needed?

Would there be an adapter to make my dos card work?
My dos card is the one intended for the 6100 I believe.


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Posted - 08 Nov 2003 :  07:24:30
Nope. Unfortunately, AFAIK, there's no way to get a card designed for the '040 PDS (which the DOS card is), to work in an 840AV.

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