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 Changing 950 fan? Quieter possibilities?
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Posted - 24 Oct 2003 :  03:18:22
I noticed a 950 on the local ebay selling with a "Pabst" fan replacement that the owner had installed. I didn't get around to copying the link to send him a letter, but I was wondering if this is a difficult mod to do. My 950, like most I imagine, can be intolerably loud if you sit next to it for any length of time. If there were any way to quiet the monster down, I would most certainly turn it on more often. Any ideas or experience with this one?

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Posted - 24 Oct 2003 :  04:54:24
Try a jet engine from a 747. Ah, nice and quiet.

The fan itself is rather easy to pull out: four screws and a clip. IIRC, it is a 12 V unit. The difficulty would be the size of the thing: you can't exactly grab a free fan from an old Wintel box.

Another thing to try is reversing the direction of air flow. I forget what the standard direction is (into the case or into the power supply), but you may want to put a filter on the back of the case/power supply if you have it blowing into the case -- the power supply will collect a lot of dust otherwise.

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Posted - 24 Oct 2003 :  21:20:22
Maybe an MDD replacement fan?

I used to live near where the 747's are made

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