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 Quadra / Centris
 840av @50mhz
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Posted - 30 Aug 2003 :  14:42:47
The "jimmy rigged centris 650" topic got me in the mood to overclock something, so..call me crazy...I did some soldering on my 840av motherboard

I disabled the smt oscillator and soldered a 25mhz metal can osc on. It is definitely a little faster.

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Posted - 30 Aug 2003 :  14:49:23
Cool! QuadraJets put an afterburner on an 840av!


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Posted - 30 Aug 2003 :  20:29:38
Can it do the Mexican Hat Dance?

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Posted - 30 Aug 2003 :  23:05:57

Want to do mine for me?


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Posted - 01 Sep 2003 :  00:27:07
ooh, zippy!

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Posted - 02 Sep 2003 :  10:45:53
That would be a fantastic business opportunity, and if you were going to do that, I'd send you MY 840av to overclock, if I had it still :(

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