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Posted - 20 Aug 2003 :  02:28:33
I have signatures in my 840av!

Is this interesting?, does it make it valuable?

They are from what I can read;

Wayne (Thellum(hard to read, just handwriting is hard to read))
Wapat tei
Brad Helen
Paul (squiggle)
Bob gioael
jimmy Martin
Kimque L Jabags

Lol they are v.difficult to read, if anyone has an interest in this I can scan & email.

I would be scanning "wax rubbings" that I took of the sigs.


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Posted - 20 Aug 2003 :  02:58:25
Of course it's interesting, but from what I can remember not too uncommon… Apple also did this on a bunch of the compact Mac series'…

The signatures are people that worked on either the case or the motherboard [cant remember which… could've been both…]

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Posted - 20 Aug 2003 :  02:59:08
Lol, cool. Thanks for that...i always wondered about the 840AV, because my PM8100/80AV has signatures, and the Quadra 800 does, but strangely, my PM8100/110AV doesn't! But yeah....cool.

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