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Posted - 05 Jul 2003 :  21:30:15
What are my options for RAID on my 840av?

I've got a Silicon Express IV installed and I know ATTO offerred ExpressStripe at one time. I've also heard Softraid mentioned somewhere. Anyone know where I can get ahold of a software raid solution?

I assume there were no Nubus based raid controllers.


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Posted - 05 Jul 2003 :  21:31:18
The key here is cheap. I just found the softraid site and they want $145 for a download....WAY too much.


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Posted - 24 Jul 2003 :  16:54:02
FWB Raid Toolkit is the best. thats what my 840av has

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Posted - 20 Aug 2003 :  03:07:26
Ive got a copy of Remus lite [retail box], by adaptec… it says it does level 0 and 1 RAID…

though, I've never tried it [got it from my uncle], but I have an .img of the disk, if you want?

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Posted - 20 Aug 2003 :  14:23:19
I have successfully use FWB RAID Toolkit to setup a striped array on my 840av using a SEIV card. Man is it fast :D

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