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 Radius 2-Stage Rocket on a Q840
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Posted - 09 May 2003 :  19:21:25
Anyone ever get these two 040's to play nice?
I recently got the two stage rocket w/ simms, and Rocketshare software.
Tried unsucessfully to get the extensions to load.
In MacCheck, the rocket registers as being installed...
But even after a clean 7.1 install the installer prompts that I need to have a least one Rocket installed with 8mb of ram.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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Posted - 25 Sep 2003 :  16:39:29
Never had much luck with Stage 2 Rockets, no matter what nubus Mac I used. Either:

the software was buggy

or the cards were defective

or the motherboard bus couldn't handle it

or MacOS couldn't handle it

(or all the above)

but they generally crashed within 5 minutes or less of booting and half the time brought the whole system to a halt.

Be advised, any of you buying this stuff off the internet that you may have the same experiences.

I eventually plucked the CPUs and RAM off the cards and dumped the rest off at the recycler.

Running 4 of them at once in a Quadra 950 was pretty wild, though.

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