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Posted - 15 Nov 2002 :  21:06:09
Any one have any insight on a blue screen comming on after restart.
I am in the process of adding RAM to my 840 and when I restart the computer after the initial boot I get a blue screen.

Everything is normal behind the blue curtain except for the trash can is no longer in the extreme corner.
The machine works with the blue screen ...it doesn't freeze up.

I hope I haven't done a permanent damage.
The new SIMMs I purchased on not registering correctly...they are 32MB and the computer only regesters 16.

I plan to send teh SIMMs back...but I thought I ask about the screen.

Thanks for listening.

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Posted - 15 Nov 2002 :  21:23:23
What's your display model and can you test your 840av with a different display?

My 15" multi sync shot craps on me with a similar problem. I could have fixed it with soldering onto the tube, controller, etc, but it was more entertaining to toss it into a huge dumspter and watch the fireworks.

p.s. there wasn't much in terms of fireworks, i covered my face.

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Posted - 24 Nov 2002 :  14:02:01
I think that it's boot partitionning problem or a desktop corrupted.If your computer make
"@" noise it's boot partitionning.

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Posted - 27 Nov 2002 :  21:54:51
at least it's not the blue screen of death

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