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What is your favorite 68K Mac Productivity Software


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For me, the favorites are
  • Desktop Publishing: Ready Set Go! It is amazing that this software is still available today on Windows platform. Absolutely the easiest to use and yet powerful desktop publishing software.
  • Drawing Program: Canvas. Canvas is the first program I remembered that integrate vector and bitmap program together. I remember it can trace a bit mapped image into vector graphics. It is still being maintained and available for both PC and Mac platform today.
  • Painting Program: Superpaint. Silicon Beach Software has so much promises in making great games and great productivity software. I can't help wonder what it will turn out to be if it wasn't sold to Aldus.
  • Office. The original Microsoft Word and Excel. The GUI version of Office starts life in Macintosh. It was very good in their first try. In my opinion, Microsoft Word was better back then when it had equation editor and great clipart collections. Today's Office with its ribbon interface takes too much vertical screen estate on an already short 16:9 screen ratio.
Please share your thoughts.


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When I started on Mac, I used Microsoft Office 2.0a. That was my main app for half a year. I then picked up a copy of ClarisWorks 1.0 and GreatWorks 1.0 for free and used them for a bit.

Today I still get a lot done using Microsoft Office 2004 on OS X Tiger 10.4.11 on a G5.