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Wanted: Lisa 1 (1983) for Apple Museum NL

Apple Museum NL

New member
I understand this is a weird request for an Apple product that is so scarce. We do have a few Lisa 2's.

But the Lisa is one of the last missing items in the collection of our Apple Museum in the making.
The first Lisa is of course very scarce, but there must still be some here and there gathering dust.

Loan, buy, only the front and/or twiggy drives - all options are open.

I sold a number of Lisa's myself in 1983 at Apple dealer Rotor in Den Dolder, The Netherlands and later converted most of them to Lisa 2/Macintosh XL.
If only I had kept the parts back then.

The Apple Museum Foundation now has an impressive collection of roughly 15.000 items that volunteers are working hard on. It is an immense job, which makes preparations are taking much longer than anticipated. But our goal is to open the 1.0 version of the worlds biggest Apple Museum (1500 sqm) in the second half of 2023....

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