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Two Imac's


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Two Imacs in one weekend! First one is a 333mhz tray loader. Grape in colour! O.S. 9.2 with a 6gb harddrive and 160mb of ram. Works fine. I may use it to fix up another grape Imac I have that is missing some of its plastics. The second Imac is 500mhz slot loader, white in colour. It had no ram and a dead 30gb hardrive. I put in 256mb of ram and an 80gb hardrive from a dead emac it, then loaded in O.S. 9.2. It runs well. Both were headed for the trash. I might get more ram for the slot loader and try O.S.10 on it.



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Very nice. I have 3 indigo iMacs without lower plastics, drives, or motherboards, and one I took the inner bezel off of for Tommy. I would like to get a 700mhz graphite, because I love the slotload iMacs, and graphite is my favorite colour out of the rainbow. Though, I do like the snow model. Graphite, Snow, Flower Power, Sage, and of course, Bondi Blue. In that order. A BB would be the only trayloader I would consider.