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The Reconstruction of Gopher Golf


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Gopher Golf was a pretty popular shareware title on the Mac.  A really fun miniature golf game with a course editor.  I never owned the game because I only ever got to play the shareware version.

I then stumbled upon the retail version released by MacSoft.  Didn't know it ever had a store release.  So I bought it.

While it was shrinkwrapped and new, the disk had errors reading.  I was able to get all the courses off, but not the main app.  So I opened it up in ResEdit, and started to copy the game resource by resource.  I could copy all of it except for 2 sections of the CODE resource, the PICT resource, and SND resource.  Wherever the disk error was, it was there.

So I remember that the Imation SuperDisk drive can read half a track.  So if the track is bad on the latter part of it, I might still be able to copy over the good part where the code is.  So I hooked up my SuperDisk drive to my trusty G4 and stuck the disk in.  Opened up in ResEdit, and while it whirred and errored on occasion, with multiple attempts I was able to copy over all the CODE resources and the SND resources, and it was able to partially load the PICT resource.  ResEdit would crash if I highlighted any of the bad PICT resources.

So I downloaded the Shareware version of GopherGolf and opened it up in ResEdit.  Fortunately for me, it looked like they still shared the same PICT resources.  Only difference between the two was additional DLOG, CODE, and STR resources in the shareware version (presumably to handle the serial number dialog box, nagware box, etc.)  So I copied over the PICT files from the shareware to my retail copy, saved it, changed the Type and Creator ... and it worked!

I was able to reconstruct my retail copy of GopherGolf. :D   Next step is to transfer the label to a new disk and back it up to my archive, and I'm all set.


Byte Knight

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Nice persistence!  I've never heard of Gopher Golf before, but see they have the shareware version on Macintosh Garden - will have to check it out.  I'm a big fan of Zany Golf on the IIgs...



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Awww yeaah! I remember this one. Very fun. I think I *ahem* might've used some complete version, specifically for the course editor, but that was ages ago now, maybe when it was first out and passed around. Nice restore work!