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The Lost Threads: informal topic recovery methodology

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A few days ago trag started what's become a recovery project in search of his lost PEx ROM thread in PM. Results have been good, so far threads appear to be unsearchable, not gone.  [:D]



The PEX thread was probably back around 2013, so it would have been pretty deeply buried on any recentish Way Back crawls.

Given that the (PEX) thread is about me getting around to something that I haven't had time to do because real life is in the way, I totally get thread recovery taking a back seat for similar reasons. :)


Gorgonops had reported:

.  .  .  the limiting factor is personal and professional matters currently taking greater precedence. (Please remember that this isn't a paid gig for anyone involved; wthww is at this time the only one with access to do the work and he is working 90 hour weeks.)

from myself, ATM

Many thanks for all your hard work here, w. I hope things settle down for you workwise. I remember sporadic periods like that, makes it rough to enjoy anything at all unless it's work you love. Thankfully that was the case in running my own business. Working 40 hour weeks with zero worries now feels like I'm retired and working a part time job!  :approve:   I'll document the database errors we've found in the forum's buggage topic when I get a chance.



Remembered another way to search, trag! Go to your profile and click the "See my activity" button. I imagine yours will be a lot easier to search. My history goes back to 4/28/09. 257 pages documenting 11,755 posts (or a subset thereof) is a bit much to go through. :blink:

Search here is GAWDAWFUL! Maybe the PEx thread's not really lost, just incapable of being found? Broken links in the database would be great to find in this manner. I'll check dates on broken attachment links to correlate with my post history.

If you (or Doug) uploaded any attachments to the thread we ought to be able to get links/dates for waybacking if necessary.

I'm inviting Doug into the conversation/recovery effort.

edit just in case: "My Attachments" is right under "My Profile" when you click your name in the upper right hand corner of a page.

Wow.   That wasn't available a couple of weeks ago.    Has it been restored, or does that link you provided do something special?     I'm sure because I read a discussion here where someone was lamenting its loss and someone else linked to a Way Back Machine link, but the Way Back only went about 3 pages in, by which time, as you know, the thread had barely begun.


Nope, it was still available here, but unsearchable. You need to use the search methods I outlined to find anything around here. advanced search for known terms in posts made by member (myself) in titles in hacks yield next to nothing.

Gotta hack the database through those two backdoors to find anything around these parts it appears. Gotta start a topic on this sometime.


trag discovered dead link to PEx ROM thread, doug recovered topic title from it and hit the jackpot with a third backdoor search method:



trag, is this the post you're looking for? I searched for "PEx ROM Project" (including the quotes) on Google and this link popped up:


Hopefully this cut and paste mess from the PM thread suffices for a start. If someone better at writing could do a summary of the search methods we've come up with it would be greatly appreciated.
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More information is here:

We know about the problem and a fix is developed, but it takes time to download a coyp of the site for testing, re-test, then take the site down for a while to do another backup, deploy the fix, test it, and bring it back up.

You'll see an announcement that things are proceeding when they do.

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