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System 6.0.7 LocalTalk Network Access Disk


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I set this up for my own use and thought other people might find it useful.

It's a floppy image with 6.0.7, AppleShare and the DisklmageMounter control panel on it, intended for use in installing operating systems over a LocalTalk network.

That's about it, but it might save someone some time.

Zipped to make the forum software happy.


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Like the stripped-down 7.1 startup floppy with Lido I made. Any little bit helps, and these sorts of easy things are usually the most help!

Admiral Ackbar

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Zipped to make the forum software happy.

Thanks for sharing. I made a floppy from that, added the After Dark 2.0.3 Control Panel, inserted into 4mb Mac Plus (no networking attached yet), and got the boot progression you see with a Sad Mac 0F0003.

What did I mess up? I haven't added any hardware yet for networking.



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Oh fantastic! I built up something similar a while back and seem to have misplaced the disk. That'll be a great help for all sorts of things.