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SuperMac HDTV output?


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The SuperMac cards (particularly I've looked at Thunders) appear they may support HDTV output from references in the ROMs and various documentation. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any manuals for the Thunder series.

Does anyone know if it's possible to activate HDTV modes, and what triggers the card to offer them?

SuperMac made BNC cables for their cards, but they appear to just be RGB with SOG, not YPbPr which I'd expect for HD output. I'm wondering if YPbPr cables did exist which provide special sense codes to enable the HDTV modes, but I haven't seen any.

The Thunder/24 and II seem to require fairly manual monitor configuration (not extensively using sense codes), but they don't even offer TV-type displays with HD15/VGA connected, which makes me think they're looking for something in particular.

There are NTSC sense codes, but AFAIK those always imply 640x480 and wouldn't allow HD resolutions. But maybe setting those and then forcing the SuperMac to a higher resolution works?

Or this isn't a thing at all. Who knows!