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Sourcing Apple Custom IC's

Kai Robinson

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I've had a bit of luck in sourcing old Apple Custom IC's using utsource.net - I thought i'd ordered some BBU's...turns out instead of ordering 344S0603-B's, i ordered 344S0063-A's, which is the SE/30's ASC chip...

And they arrived, well packed, with a proper invoice, in PLCC packaging, they're not remarked, they're definitely NOS chips - proper ejection markings, too. 

I've searched UTSource some more and they have in stock: 

344-0042-B - SE & SE/30 RTC Chip -- NEW

344-0062-A - SE SWIM Chip -- Reclaimed

343-0045-A - SE & SE/30 SND Chip -- Reclaimed

All for reasonable prices. I'm taking a punt on about a dozen of each - for testing purposes, but could be a handy avenue for the Mac <insert model here> Reloaded projects :)

So, if anyone wants an ASC chip - let me know :D




Kai Robinson

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I know all about that site - used it for cross referencing a few times - but it's geared towards the Apple II, rather than the Mac's.



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Wasn't a complaint, more just an amused note; my eye read HA in HAL as ΗΛ (ηλ) and it was weirdly disconcerting to find a latin L after it.  This suggests two things: firstly, I need to get better at compartmentalising alphabets in my head, and secondly I need to take the Greek electricity (ηλεκτρικός, beginning, you will note, with those two letters) company leaflet off my fridge (long story) because it's obviously starting to warp my mind...

Thread hijack over, apologies.



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Interesting, I have to say I was somewhat surprised at first to hear that New-Old-Stock apple custom ICs are actually a thing.  But I'm guessing it makes sense if you think a bit deeper... Apple may have been planning on making extras on the assumption that their techs might do precise, minimal component repairs (didn't really turn out that way in the field), so that's one thing.  And then in their financial troubles in the '90's, maybe they closed a (secretive) deal to sell off their inventory of obsolete components to a Chinese no-name.

Well, that's my guesses on how NOS ended up on UTsource.  Might be worth asking about chain of custody of these components and see how reluctant they are to answer.


Kai Robinson

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ADB XCVR available!

These work in: Classic, II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, SE/30 & Quadra 700

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 19.05.27.png

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Kai Robinson

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Latest acquisitions!

GENUINE NoS 3430045A's (Sony SND Chip)

GENUINE NoS 3440042B's (RTC Chip for SE & SE/30's)

Refurbished, used 344-0062A's (SWIM Chip, Harris branded with 1990 Date Codes) - These look to be genuine, just the tops have been skimmed and re-printed - not a cheap job, these won't rub off with alcohol. 

So if anyone needs one - ping me a DM,







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Can these be reverse engineered and re-implemented somehow?

I ask because, since the newfound supply of these is finite and will likely run out sooner than later, this seems like it would be an excellent opportunity to reverse engineer them without sacrificing working logic boards.