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Soldering new vram onto Quadra 630 motherboard?


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This starts off saying it's a completely new design that isn't related to the original Valkyrie, but hey.

Very cool. Did they ever use this newer Valkyrie design in any machines? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do a contrast/compare with the original Valkyrie, so impossible to know how different it is.

I think I have a couple thousand of those SGRAM chips in the attic...


Aaaaaand . . . I still haven't found my Quadra 630 board. 😞

Last time I looked at this the plan was to strip the memory off the board and bodge CAS/RAS/anything else required to one of my
72pin -> multiple 72pin SIMMsaver boards as a full loadout of the hamstrung Bank on the board along with maxing out the SIMM Bank.

Never looked into upping VRAM, wouldn't that be limited in the memory map of the critters?
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