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Software in the Wiki


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I posted a message over in Compact Mac asking if anyone knew of a list of software that was known to work on a 128k Mac. Today I had a quick look at the 68kmla wiki and noticed a software section. I've never really done anything in the wiki world before, but thought that the "software" section would be a good place to start such a list. One thing that I'm not sure about however is how it would exactly work - that is, if I added software under the current OS/Apple/3rd Party sections, would I then be able to link all the "128k compat" software together - i.e. so I could then have another link somewhere that showed me a list of all software marked as being 128k compat that was listed under the 3 main software sections?

If not, what are everyones thoughts on how (or if) such a list could or should be implemented in the wiki?




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If you start listing the 128k compatible mac software, and create pages for each piece of software, you'll create a category for those pages, with some indication of "128k compatible." Maybe [[Category:Software for Original Mac]] or something similarly well-named.



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Create a software template that includes "min. Mac OS supported" and "max. Mac OS supported" fields. Categories could be based on that.

Of course, we need editors who will add software titles to the wiki for this to be of much use.