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Slot loading iMac G3 not powering on after removing PAV board


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Hello, So I recently finally got around to buying myself an iMac G3. It was working quite well, however by about the second day every now and then there would be a pop noise, and power fluctuations which sometimes would cause the device to shut down.

I put this down to an issue with the PAV board, so I took it apart in order to get access to it. After essentially stripping it all the way down to the tube, I was able to successfully pull out the PAV board and found some bad solder joints around the fly back transformer and some other more mild ones which I fixed up.

However, after putting the Mac back together, it no longer turns on properly. I push the power button and the green light comes on.
I get a split second pop from the speakers and the start of the degaussing sound before the whole system dies and won't let me turn it back on again unless I turn off the power wait for 10 seconds and turn it on again.

There was no signs of flyback failure, the image was perfect, with no distortion at all, even during the pops.

Does anyone have any idea of what the problem could be?

Sorry for the long post, thanks!