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Simple boot picker for OS 9 / OS X dual-boot


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Surprisingly, I didn't see this anywhere searching around the internet even though all the ingredients are there, but maybe I missed it.

If you're dual-booting your New World Mac between OS 9 and OS X, you can easily set the machine to enter the boot picker on startup so you don't have to hold Option every time you want to change, or (for supported Macs), go into Startup Disk every time.

Run the following from Open Firmware:
setenv skip-netboot? true
setenv boot-command multi-boot
Or from OS X:
sudo nvram "skip-netboot?"=true
sudo nvram boot-command=multi-boot

This will cause the machine to boot directly to the picker with no delay, where you can select from any blessed system.

if you want to use netboot, don't set "skip-netboot".