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SE w/ Radius '020 Accelerator Benchmarks


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I thought someone here might be interested in some benchmark results from my accelerated SE. The machine has a Radius 25mhz 68020 accelerator with 68881 FPU. 4mb RAM, spinning-platter HD. The SE/30 used in the tests has 8mb RAM, Mac SD drive, and a Radius 40mhz 68030 accelerator. Both accelerated machines were run with the appropriate accelerator drivers and cache enabled, except for the last test which compared the '020 SE with the cache and math extension against the same machine without the extensions. Both machines were running System 6 (I think 6.0.8, though one might have been running 6.0.7). The tests were run with Speedometer 3.06. I benchmarked the stock SE, which not surprisingly was a 1.0 on most tests, which lines up with the Mac Classic that Speedometer 3.06 uses as a baseline. I'm not sure why the disk speed was so slow for the stock SE, but I'm concerned since it seems fine with the accelerator enabled.


  • SE Radius vs SE30 40mhz.jpg
    SE Radius vs SE30 40mhz.jpg
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