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SE/30 reloaded board hang at boot


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Hello everyone. I was lucky to get 2 Bolle SE/30 reloaded PCB with back side populated from the Trading post from here. I can finally start to build a new board from a battery bombed donor board. I managed to get most of the BOM new, only a few things like GLU, PLDs, ADB chips which are still in good shape. I started with sockets on all chips so I could possibly qualify some of the alternative used chips from UTsource.

I know socket could be the source of trouble especially with recovered chips but I would like to try my luck.

I spend like half a day to solder everything on the new board, and ready to power it up. With a original ROM SIMM. I hear a good bong and a grey screen, but it never continue to make the corners "round" and show up the mouse cursor. I tried to replace a few chips with alternatives with no change of symptom. Rominator II gives the same thing.

I guess the ROM is waiting for something indifinitely? I tried to remove chips to narrow it down, I removed SCSI, ADB, RTC but still the same. If I remove SWIM or Video ROM then I will not get a bang but only strips. (typical pattern with TI VRAMs).

Any idea on how to further debug the issue? I still have one empty reloaded PCB and enough component to try my luck without PLCC sockets but don't have enough confidences on those used BOMs I got from UTsource and other places.

I posted photo of my board here: View attachment reloaded_top.jpegView attachment reloaded_buttom.jpeg



Glad to hear from someone who had a good experience with sockets. What led you to identifying the ADB as the problem and where did you get the PIC replacement?