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SE/30 is ASC a must for booting?

I am working on a new SE/30. The leakage from bad caps must have shorted pin 5/6 of UE10 (ASC sound chip) at some point that caused a serious melt down to UE10. I can even see some mark from black smoke on the bottom of the metal frame that is over the top of UE10.

I removed UE10 and replaced UE8/LS166, replaced all other caps. While waiting for a new sound chip. I want to continue booting the machine. I don’t expect to hear any chime and but is using an oscilloscope to monitor ROM simm A2 pin for activity. I can see ROM was running for like 5 seconds then went to some kind of loop. The pattern of activity matches a long chimes of death.

Is UE10/ASC a must in SE/30 to boot?




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The boot chime code in the ROM polls the ASC state, so you likely won't get visible progress without it.