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SE/30 accelerators and video cards cross-compatibility reference?


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Hoping some of the experts here can clarify something I keep running across when researching SE/30 PDS accelerator and video card options.

Obviously some combinations of accelerators and video cards work together as people here have both installed in their SE/30s. But then there are sites online (this one is very detailed but notes for example that DayStar cards don’t work with the Micron Xceed grayscale card) which say that certain cards don’t work together. Some sites are worded to sound as though the accelerators are too fast for the video signals and no video cards should work, which obviously isn’t true.

Mileage also seems to vary based on big-name brands like the RasterOps cards versus lesser-known options like the Nutmeg 30/2 or 30/8.

Is there a “master list” of cross-compatible accelerators and video cards? Would a DiiMO 50MHz PDS card with the pass through play nice with a Nutmeg 30/8? To use a RasterOps card do you need a DayStar accelerator, etc.?