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Printing from Win 10 to an Imagewriter II or LQ?


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I used to print from Windows 2000 to an IWII shared from my G4 Cube that had a serial port in place of the modem. I've not done anything recent with it.


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Any Windows drivers were for the C-Itoh 8510, which the ImageWriter was based on. Those drivers are ancient and not supported with Windows 10. On the Linux side, GhostScript used to have a built-in rudimentry black and white driver (appledmp) that has since been dropped from the GhostScript build tree due to lack of use and maintenance.


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That linked driver site is deeply sketchy. Man.

Anyway, not Windows 10 but I can attest having success printing fine from DOS programs after building a cable to go from a PC 9-pin serial port to an Imagewriter II. The C.Itoh 8510 doesn't have *great* driver support but it was common enough to usually get by. Windows, er, 2.11 had a driver...