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Powermac G5 GPU in a G4?


Hello! I’m new to the forum and this is my first post! Anyways, I was looking on eBay for a Mac compatible GPU for my quicksilver G4 since it only has a GeForce 2 and I don’t want to mess around with BIOS flashing, and I found a Graphics card from a Powermac G5, an ATi Radeon 9600XT (or Apple 603-5720). It’s an AGP card with an ADC video output, so it has the odd non-standard AGP trace on it for the monitor’s power. Would this work in a G4 or is the G5 different enough to where it wouldn’t work? 7922AA10-EB85-4AAF-8F29-D79EFC73DEB3.jpeg


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Yes, that is the case.

Still this is the option for the fastest graphics cards in G4 Powermacs. Not so much the Radeon 9600 (It is one of the slower G5 graphics options, I also have one) - but in general.


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This GPU wont work in a G4. The G5’s have the ADC power connector slightly more to the left And therefore wont fit.