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PowerMac 6100, Performa 450 , Mac IIsi


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Hi everyone,

say hallo to the new babies, welcome!

The PowerMac is working but it was not provided with the video connector :(
The Performa 450 is silent even if the fan spins, PSU to test + MB to be recapped
The Mac IIsi cold & dark ;), PSU to be tested and a recapped. NuBus adapter present.

The two keyboards are a nice addon especially the extended one, retrobright at the horizon.



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Recommend kludging in a PCI slot fan underneath the hard drive sled in the 6100, have the exhaust side of the fan pointing to the 601, and the intake facing the grid on the bottom of the case. Makes the 6100 run way cooler, and makes it more stable. I found mine to be very unreliable without improved cooling and replacing the capacitors which were starting to leak. Cooling was needed long before I recapped.

HDI-45 adapter is not too hard to find on eBay


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thanks for the suggestion

> HDI-45 adapter is not too hard to find on eBay
indeed, but it's quite expensive, more than what I paid for the Mac itself


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Keep us updated in the IIsi. As the owner of two, and repairer of both, I'm always interest in people's IIsi challenges. Hopefully a simple recap will bring yours back to life, though in general it seems IIsi's take a bit more than that.


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i am a novice IIsi witch, i overpaid for an untested and nonworking unit from a local computer shop but i managed to get her working, and even went out of my way to upgrade the onboard RAM because i am dedicated enough to do stupid things.


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an update on the Performa 450.

I recapped it but still no happy chime, just a weird and nasty white noise from the speaker, it looked just ok with no visibile damages but I did a throughfull cleaning, brushed, rinsed, dried and I let it rest a night and the night after... the sound of joy!
Another one saved ;)