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PowerBook G4 neoprene sleeve 15"


Back in the day I used to get Tucano Second Skin sleeves for all of my laptops but obviously as this is so old they do not make them anymore.

Does anyone have any modern day recommendations for neoprene sleeves that will fit a PowerBook G4 15"?



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Anything that fits either a 2006-2008 or 2009-2015 15" MacBook Pro ought to work, as the dimensions are quite similar to those of the 15" PowerBook G4 in my experience (this is especially true of the 2006-2008 MBPs, as they used laregely the same case design as the last PowerBooks).

Cases/sleeves made for recent 15" PCs might be a bit harder, because they're mostly designed with a wider aspect ratio (16:9 vs. the PowerBook/MacBook's 16:10), so the fit might be a bit tight.

I hope this helps!



Decided to do a bit of a cleanup/junking in the loft this weekend as I was sure I would have some old Tucano Second Skins in the loft. Sure enough I found one for a MacBook Pro/Retina and it fits like a glove.

Thanks CC_333 for the suggestion :)