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PowerBook G3 PRAM Battery—i moved it


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i finally had time to turn three powerbooks worth of parts into one, solid PowerBook G3 Series (PDQ).

As part of the rebuild, i decided to move the PRAM battery—similar to my PowerBook 1400 project—to save a complete teardown in the future.

Like the 1400, this uses the existing battery pack’s wires, and reroutes the battery into the hard drive bay. There’s much less empty space inside the PowerBook G3. I decided to use some scraps of Pyralux to make my own ribbon cable. It was still a tight fit, just be careful getting the CD drive in and out.

i made custom battery boards to make future replacement effortless. I used Fritzing because it’s easy for small projects. The battery clip is a Keystone 3005. *this same board should work in my Pismo (with less batteries), but i haven't had time to rebuild that... i think it needs a new logic board...

I modeled the existing hard drive bracket so i could design a replacement to fill the space. The original is included here; please remix & share. My replacement attaches the PRAM battery underneath with an SSD upside down on top. The SSD is just an mSATA-to-IDE adapter, removed from its case to minimize profile. I would have liked to get the battery on top, but the original G3 Hard Drive is mounted upside down. My little bracket removes as a single piece, and is still easier than taking the computer completely apart.

I hope this inspires people.


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Sorry to ask this in this thread, but where can I get a Pismo G3 good working pram battery ? Its a pia to keep unhooking the optical drive to get it running. My Pismo works great, just want to get a new Pram battery for it.


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i’m pretty sure the only option is “build your own” (thus this project) but i happy for someone to prove me wrong.


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You can find NOS on eBay from time to time. Here's one I bought in April. Part #922-3829:

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 8.09.15 PM.png