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Powerbook 5300CE... the cacheless nightmare. trouble getting an O/S to install. please, can you help?

so i got a 5300ce off ebay with some cool extras.

but the HDD was dying (factory original so the good Doctor who sold it got his mileage out of it. called it a faithful companion.) swapped a new HDD into it, was able to clone the old one on to the new one but the OS install is full of so much *CRAP* i want to start new.

i tried to install OS9.1 off of CF, but it told me since the CF wasn't write protected it wasn't on "original media" or some such nonsense and wouldn't install.

i've installed 9.1 onto the HDD directly from an iBook clamshell but it never boots, just sticks at the macos9 screen.

i have a SCSI CDRom but when i put a 9.0 install CD in it just says "BUS ERROR" - and the floppy drive module doesn't work, and since the only zip module i have is the VST that came with it i can't easily make zip disks for installing 7.5.x - i have a powerbook 180 but no HDI30<>HDI30 for target disk mode. what are my options here?

is there a way to lock a folder on the CF (write protect? read only?) so that the os 9.1 installer will work? about at my wits end with this darn thing. not having a working floppy module is killing me -_-  

i bought the IDE<>CF adapter and it's waiting for me at the house just delivered today. but it doesn't do a damn bit of good if i can't install a clean O/S on to it :(  



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Lateral thinking: can you make a read-only disk image using DiskCopy on the CF card and install from that, so the installer sees a read-only volume?



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(resurrecting an old thread)

I use an mSATA-IDE adapter with plenty of holes drilled into the cover (to release the heat) and then booted off of a CDROM. I've not had the best luck with CF cards keeping data.

I put a CF-PCMCIA card in the card slot with OS8.1 and use that for booting. I have another one with 7.6 that works. My only issue is I need a boot disk for my CDROM to be recognized (panasonic portable SCSI/audio thing)