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Power Macintosh 7500


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Hi all,

managed to acquire one these on eBay , this is a first for me, it fired up with the usual chime and although the HDisk is fried It works.

plastics are very brittle but I think I have some spares.

Im posting because these were work horses, often running all day and sometimes night,
Anyone got any tips?

Should I focus on the power supply first? or are the caps on the Logic board more important?

thanks again, super pleased I got this machine they do not come up often.


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If you want a very reliable Mac for 24hr usage, recap the logic board and PSU, or get it done by someone like Amiga of Rochester. Otherwise, for random whatever use, a logic board recap should be okay for now, unless the PSUs in these are known to go too?


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PSU for these in my experience is the main point of failure. I have several dead ones, but maybe I'm just unlucky. I have not needed to recap a logic board for one of these so far. Knock on all the wood!


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I’ve got a 7500 with a Sonnet G3 upgrade card. Great machine. Haven’t had any problems with the PSU yet or caps. Probably should look into that soon. Case plastics are definitely the weak point. Mine had lots of little broken pieces fall out from shipping after I bought it. Top cover stays on with a hope and a prayer…lol. Mine also has video in with s-video and composite plugs along with rca’s for sound. Excellent bridge machine to get software onto older Macs.