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Power Computing mini tower SCSI ribbon / drive config


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So I recently got a PowerTower (non-pro) and was wondering if anyone had a more detailed image of their MT's innards, specifically the SCSI ribbon and their drive config.

Mine didn't have a HDD in it, but the SCSI ribbon was just connected to the CD-ROM. In adding a SCSI drive in, the ribbon doesn't stretch to attach to both devices, in fact with the hDD installed it can't connect to the optical drive anymore... that leads me to believe that I don't have the OEM ribbon in it. I'd like to make sure I'm not completely insane, and see what anyone else's setup looks like. This MT is different from the MORE-but-not-FULL Tower design of the PowerTower Pro: e.g. PowerCenter, PowerWave (mt config), PowerCurve (mt config), maybe?


Thanks for the help.